Ascalonian Ranger

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Ascalonian Ranger
Ascalon guard m.jpgAscalon ranger m.jpgCaptain West.jpg
The two models on the right only appear in Regent Valley: 1059 AE
Affiliation Ascalon Army
Type Human
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 5 (20), 20
Campaign Prophecies

Ascalonian Rangers' are soldiers in the Ascalon Army. They take orders from Prince Rurik, but ultimately answer to King Adelbern.




During Annihilator[edit]

Crippling Shot


"Are we there yet?"
"Behind is defeat. Ahead is victory!"
"I'm following you! Don't ask me!"
"Lead on friend. I'm right behind you."
"Let's go find some glory and honor."
"Please be careful, I have a family to go back to."
"We shouldn't be standing out here if we're just going to talk."
"Whatever you decide to do, I'll go along with."
"You lead. I'll follow."

Fort Ranik:

"I've heard rumors that the Charr become weak without their fire."
"King Adelbern is a good man, but it is his son, Prince Rurik, who will be our savior. Mark my words."
"The Charr never travel without a brazier of fire. If something's burning, it probably means there's a Charr or two nearby."
"Without the Wall, Rin will surely fall."

Battle dialogue[edit]

"Bring me your woes some other time, friend."
"Duty calls."
"Fight now. Talk later."
"Fight, damn it!"
"Help. A little help here."
"If you haven't noticed, I'm busy at the moment."
"Let's give 'em a whooping!"
"Not now!"
"Now is not the time for idle chatter!"
"Spill the blood of our foes!"
"Stop wagging your tongue and start whooping some butt!"
"Tell me later. Right now I have enemies to slaughter."
"The fight rages. This battle is not yet won."
"The time for jabbering over a pint will come later."
"To arms! To arms!"
"We will reminisce after this battle is won."
"Your words fall on deaf ears. For now I fight."