Hammer and Anvil

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Hammer and Anvil
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Duke Barradin
in Piken Square
Preceded by The Siege of Piken Square
Type Secondary quest
Hammer and Anvil map.jpg
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Kill Grimm Sharpfang in The Breach.

Quest information[edit]



  • Ambush the Charr in the tar pits south of Piken Square. Strike down Grimm Sharpfang.
  • Return to Duke Barradin for your reward.



Exit Piken Square and move south to the tar pits, kill Grimm Sharpfang and the Charr around him. Some Ascalon Militia will be attacking from the south as you arrive at the tar pits which can provide a useful distraction. Once Grimm Sharpfang is dead, return to the Duke in Piken Square for your reward.



Ascalon Army[edit]

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Initial dialogue[edit]

Duke Barradin
"My troops are moving to sweep in behind the Charr warband led by Grimm Sharpfang. If all goes according to the battle plan, the Charr will be driven up toward the tar pits. I need a group of stalwart fighters to sweep down from the north and help my troops pin them against the tar pits. When you have them trapped, I want you to crush as between a hammer and an anvil."
Yes Accept: "Every dead Charr is a victory for Ascalon. I'm in."
No Decline: "I need no convoluted schemes to slay the Charr."
Ask Ask: "Grimm Sharpfang will soon be where we want him. You must hurry to your position, or he will escape our trap."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Duke Barradin
"My troops couldn't have destroyed Grimm Sharpfang and his warband without you. Once again you've made the Vanguard proud."