Lion's Arch Keep Gate Guard

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Lion's Arch Keep Gate Guard
Lionguard m.jpg
Affiliation Lionguard
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Service Gatekeeper
Level(s) 15 (20)
Campaign Prophecies

The Lion's Arch Keep Gate Guard guards the entrance to the keep in Lion's Arch. He will only let you into the keep after you have completed the Asuran Allies and Ebon Vanguard Allies sections of The War in Kryta quest.




Lion's Arch

Before completing the above quests:

"Behind me lies the keep of Lion's Arch. This was the royal family's seat of power when they still ruled Kryta."

After completing the above quests:

"Greetings, adventurer. Princess Salma has returned to the keep. You and your allies may enter."
⇒ Please allow my party access to the keep.
"The keep is open to all who have helped return Princess Salma to the throne. Are you ready to go?"
Yes Yes. I would like to enter the Lion's Arch Keep now. (sent to Lion's Arch Keep)
No No. I am not ready yet.
Lion's Arch Keep
"With Princess Salma on the throne a new era of prosperity will fall upon Kryta."
⇒ I would like to leave this place.
"I can return you and your party back to Lion's Arch. Are you ready to leave?"
Yes Yes. Please return me to the city proper.
No No. I would like to remain in the Keep for now.