Master Scout Braden

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Master Scout Braden
Shining Blade warrior.jpg
Affiliation Shining Blade
Type Human
Professions Warrior Warrior
Ranger Ranger
Service Collector
Level(s) 15, 20 (20)
Campaign Beyond

Master Scout Braden is a Shining Blade agent.




Talmark Wilderness
"Greetings. So you've come to join us in our final campaign against the White Mantle, eh?"
Lion's Arch Keep (before completing The Battle for Lion's Arch)
"Now that I'm out of the field, I work tirelessly to piece together information so we can respond to enemy movements. Every little detail is important regardless of how insignificant it seems. I wish to know it all! Bring me any Confessor's Orders you manage to collect, and I'll supply you as best I can."
During the Battle for Lion's Arch
"I've waited so long for this day. Regardless of the outcome, whether I win or die, I know that I have walked the path of truth. The rest is up to the gods."
Lion's Arch (War in Kryta) and Lion's Arch Keep (after completing The Battle for Lion's Arch)
"This war is in it's final stages, but that doesn't mean the price of good intelligence has gone down. They say that an animal is at it's most dangerous when cornered, and the Confessor struck me as a person who would have additional orders drafted in the event of his death. If you find any Confessor's Orders, give them to me and I'll repay you as best I can"

Collector items[edit]

Master Scout Braden[edit]

Location: Lion's Arch Keep
Collecting: 3 Confessor's Orders

Icon Item name Value
War Supplies.png War Supplies Can't be sold