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Collector weapons are those that can be obtained from collectors in exchange for trophies. For instance, Merin Trollsbane offers staves or a sword in exchange for 5 Mountain Troll Tusks. While the weapons obtained from collectors are not rare, they are usually perfect, and thus are helpful for equipping penniless adventurers and their heroes.

Some collector weapons come with upgrade components by default, notably those in Ascalon and Shing Jea Island (see List of salvageable upgrades from collector rewards). Elonian collector weapons are notable in that they can also be upgraded with inscriptions. Default upgrade components and those that have been applied to a collector weapon can be salvaged from it. Collector weapons cannot be salvaged for crafting materials.

Most collector weapons cannot be dyed, even if a dropped item of the same name can be. For example, a random drop Water Wand can be dyed, but not if it was a collector weapon.

Lists of perfect collector weapons:[edit]