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The Xunlai Archivists are a group of Xunlai historians who have dedicated significant time to archiving the history of Tyria. They are present during the Wayfarer's Reverie, and can be located in various places across Tyria.

Known Archivists[edit]


  • The Xunlai Archivists' dialogue contains hints about how to find the Silver Edge:
Xunlai Archivist Quote(s) Information
Tannusay "Some tasks can only be performed alone" Being alone in the party.
Jonemon "if the Gods didn't shine their grace on us" Having Favor of the gods active.
Auren "Do you imagine someone like Kilroy Stonekin is going to stumble on some great secret of the universe while rampaging about? Unlikely, my friend. He'll charge by exactly what those of us who stop, look, and listen will find." Going to one of the spawning locations of Kilroy Stonekin.
Sheftenalis "revealing light we shine on antiquity" Using the skill Light of Deldrimor.
Plyng "History is written by the lucky." Being under the effect of Lucky Aura.
Tannatrus "he saw a vaettir while eating a cupcake" Self-explanatory.
Rylek "cast off his blade"
"Others seek power only to have it strip them of their humanity or rob them of their natural gift"
The reward being a sword.
A reference pointing to Drakkar Lake, where Svanir was stripped of his humanity and Jora was robbed of her natural gift.


  • Xunlai Archivist NPCs are named after Guild Wars Wiki community members.
  • The Xunlai Archivists were first introduced in the 2013 Wayfarer's Reverie event; however, some archivists were not documented by the community until the following year.
  • Joe Kimmes confirmed that only eight Xunlai Archivists existed in the game as of 2014 (source 1).