Charr-broiled Plans

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Charr-broiled Plans
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Wintersday
Eye of the North
Given by Casey Carpenter
in Eye of the North
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by The Three Wise Norn
Followed by Snowball Dominance
Type Festival quest

The Charr have come to interrupt Wintersday festivites at the Eye. Stop them just outside the gates.

Quest information[edit]




This quest is similar to Service: In Defense of the Eye: in both quests, you defend against major waves of enemies advancing upon the steps to the Eye of the North. In this quest, however, your party will resurrect after a wipe, allowing you to complete the quest. None of the Norn NPCs need to survive to get credit for completing the quest.

The first three groups of Charr are waiting for you on the ice lake. They will not attack until about 30 seconds after you speak with Brartak the Glutton. Once the Charr become hostile, they will make their way slowly to the steps up to the outpost. This first wave should present little trouble to a well-balanced party.

The second wave is tougher, since it includes dreaded Trihorns — thick-armored beasts that are much more difficult to kill than their handlers. Decide beforehand whether to target these tanks or to take out the infantry — the strategy that works best depends on the skills brought by your party; both will work.

The final wave includes a single Devourer Catapult, which deals 100-150 damage a shot. Take out this large-capacity damage generator first during this wave, and the remaining Charr will be easy to mop up afterwards.

  • The Shockwave of the Trihorns in wave 2 can devastate an unprepared party.
  • Minion masters are very effective here; there are plenty of corpses.
  • Area of effect damage works well; the Charr remain bunched up throughout the quest.
  • Since the quest doesn't begin until after you speak with Brartak the Glutton, you can pick up a Norn Hunting Party blessing prior to initiating combat with the Charr.

Wave composition[edit]

Wave 1
  • North: WarriorElementalist Blademaster × 4, MesmerMonk Dominator
  • East: WarriorElementalist Blademaster × 4, NecromancerRitualist Hexreaper
  • South: WarriorElementalist Axemaster × 4, WarriorElementalist Bladestorm
Wave 2
  • Northwest : Warrior Blade Storm × 9, Elementalist Trihorn
  • Northeast : Ranger Demolisher × 5 (with Devourers), Necromancer Ash Thief × 2
  • Southwest: Warrior Axe Fiend × 9, Elementalist Trihorn
Wave 3
  • Southeast, first group: Ranger Demolisher × 4 (with Devourers), ElementalistMonk Flameshielder × 3
  • Southeast, second group: MesmerMonk Dominator × 4, Devourer Catapult
  • Southwest: WarriorElementalist Bladestorm × 3, Elementalist Wardkeeper × 2, Ritualist Avenger










Initial dialogue[edit]

Casey Carpenter

"Either I've been standing out here too long or Micah accidentally cast Winter's Embrace on me again. I appreciate that he's so gung-ho, but Mesmers should really leave the water magic to the pros. Either way, I probably need another cup of moa noodle soup to fend off the sneezes.

Speaking of fending things off, the scouts are saying there's evidence of Charr activity outside the Eye. If it's true, I don't think the furrry gate-crashers have come to sing Wintersday carols. Would you speak to our Norn Visitors and see if they're willing to investigate? I'm sure they'd be up to kicking the tail of any Charr you may come across."

Yes Accept: "That's the the [sic] Norn alright: big, violent, snow detectives."
No Decline: "Hey, I brought the Norn to this party. Why don't you do something?"
Ask Ask: "Join your three Norn friends outside, and see if they'll follow up on the scout's report."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Brartak the Glutton

"Human scouting abilities never fail to amuse me. As you can see, the Charr are indeed here, and their mood is not quite as festive as the one inside. Now, we will show you how Norn celebrate: with battle!"

At the start of the first wave
Charr Bladestorm: "Watch out for the abnormally large Norn's blade!"
Galbraum the Intoxicated: "Ha, Brartak! Even the cats think you eat too much!"
Brartak the Glutton: "So long as they fear me in battle, Galbraum, who cares?"
One of the following will appear after each wave
Galbraum the Intoxicated: "You'll owe me another flagon of your "eggnog" for this, human!"
Brartak the Glutton: "Every furball that falls beneath my blade brings me closer to a mound of roasted chestnuts!"
Helga the Cub: "It's a shame you Charr will never see the purrfection of my craft."
At the start of the third wave
Charr Avenger: "We've come to help you celebrate the season of death...yours!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Casey Carpenter

"Oorah! You and the Norn have certainly earned your share of nog this time. For bringing them to our aid accept this token of thanks."


  • For the dialogue of this quest before Wintersday 2010, see here.
Bug Bug.Sometimes the Charr Demolishers are not accompanied by pets.
Anomaly Anomaly.There can be two Lieutenant Thackeray's during the quest under certain conditions, e.g. if you have not finished Thackeray's scavenger hunt.