Gate of Pain (cinematic)

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Gate of Pain
Plays during Gate of Pain
Region Realm of Torment
Location Domain of Pain
Campaign Nightfall

Gate of Pain cinematic still.jpg
You have freed him, and the other innocents trapped here.

Gate of Pain cinematic still2.jpg
I read the words of the Apocrypha.


Major characters[edit]


Dunkoro's Son: "Thank you, Father. We shall meet again, in the Mists."
<Party leader>: "Dunkoro? Are you all right?"
Dunkoro: "Yes. Yes. I suppose I owe you an explanation."
Dunkoro: "Years ago, I sent my son to the Crystal Desert."
Dunkoro: "There were reports of strange things in the Tombs of the Primeval Kings. Tentacles bursting through the stone."
Kormir: "Abaddon."
Dunkoro: "Yes. My son was reported missing and presumed dead. I blamed myself, for sending him off without enough forethought."
<Party leader>: "Which is why you always want to have a plan..."
Dunkoro: "I never knew what happened to him, until now."
Kormir: "But you have freed him, and the other innocents trapped here by Abaddon's touch."
<Party leader>: "What about you, Kormir? Are you an innocent as well?"
Dunkoro: "What? Kormir is the most honorable of the Sunspears."
Kormir: "No. You are right. I am far from innocent, and my crimes are the greatest of all."
Kormir: "It was I that found the inscriptions in Istan, and I that awakened the Apocrypha of Abaddon."
Dunkoro: "It is not your fault, Kormir, how could you have known?"
Kormir: "Tales of the forbidden ruins are part of our history. My curiosity and concern made me ignore those warnings."
<Party leader>: "Even though you knew it to be an evil place, you explored the ruins."
Kormir: "I did, and worse. I read the words of the Apocrypha. I felt his spirit. I was drawn into his web."
Kormir: "Now my body withers, and my spirit walks in Torment. That is why I serve as your guide."
<Party leader>: "Where is Abaddon?"
Kormir: "He abides at the heart of his Realm. He is still chained, but his power grows, and the walls around him grow weak."
Kormir: "I fear that without the aid of the Five Gods themselves, we cannot hope to contain him."
<Party leader>: "Then with the help of the Five Gods, we will."


Anomaly Anomaly.Dunkoro might show up twice.

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