Greed and Regret (cinematics)

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The Hidden City of Ahdashim
Plays during Greed and Regret
Region Vabbi
Locations Fortress of Jahai
Mirror of Lyss
Campaign Nightfall

Greed and Regret 1 cinematic still.jpg
General Morgahn. We move out!

Greed and Regret 3 cinematic still.jpg
My loyalty is to you, Varesh.
Greed and Regret 2 cinematic still.jpg
We will keep them safe!

Cinematic 1[edit]

Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


(Fortress of Jahai)
Morgahn: "Varesh! We have located the Sunspears."
Varesh: "The Sunspears are completely irrelevant. Everything is ready. We must move at once."
Morgahn: "Surely there is an easier way."
Varesh: "No. It all comes down to this. We must do this for the good of all Kourna."[sic]
Morgahn: "Varesh, I fear for the priests."
Varesh: "The followers of Lyssa will be unharmed. I respect your faith, Morgahn, and would never harm it, even in Abaddon's name."
Morgahn: "Perhaps if I spoke to them, they would let us proceed."
Varesh: "NO! No, let me handle this. Your precious priests are safe."
Varesh: "But I must ask you, old friend, where your loyalties lie - with your faith, or with your homeland?"
Morgahn: "My loyalty is to you, Varesh. To you and Kourna."
Varesh: "Thank you, old friend. Ready the troops, General Morgahn. We move out!"
Varesh: "Ah Morgahn. Your heart is good. It is a pity there will be no place for it in our new world."

Cinematic 2[edit]

Major characters[edit]


(The Hidden City of Ahdashim)
Goren: "The Hidden City of Ahdashim."
Margrid the Sly: "I've heard of it. It is filled with wealth. Piles of golden coins. Niches filled with riches."
Goren: "From here the princes command the power of the djinn."
Fire Djinn: "Intruders!"
<Party leader>: "What in the name of the gods?"
Fire Djinn: "We guard the Princes of Vabbi! Leave now or perish!"
<Party leader>: "We seek and audience with the princes."
Fire Djinn: "The princes will see no one!"
<Party leader>: "We are their allies."
Fire Djinn: "They have ordered us to keep all others out! We will keep them safe!"
Margrid the Sly: "They are hiding. Hiding while the rest of the world burns."
Goren: "I wouldn't put it past them."
Fire Djinn: "Only death awaits you here! Go no further!"
<Party leader>: "If we want the princes, we will have to go in after them."
Margrid the Sly: "Into a fortress filled with traps, wards, and hostile djinn."
Goren: "Oh yeah. This is going to be fun."


  • To replay this cinematic, talk to Ridara in Dasha Vestibule (outpost).
  • The first part of this cinematic is the same as Calling the Order
  • The actual spoken second line by Varesh is "No. It all comes down to this. We must do this not only for the good of Kourna, but the good of all Elona."

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