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Vabbi Guard Captain m.jpg

The Vabbian military is an army that is mostly commanded by the Princes of Vabbi and other Clanmarshals. They are spread throughout Vabbi and defend the various estates to ensure the safety of the people from the wilderness surrounding the estates. Most of the members of the military can be found in the Citadel of Dzagon, fighting off the many hekets and harpies within the Wilderness of Bahdza, the Halls of Chokhin, protecting the libraries, and the Bokka Amphitheatre, preserving the entertainment of Vabbi.

Those not employed by the Princes can be found all over Vabbi, patrolling and defending the small villages scattered throughout the rest of the province, or even trying to keep the deadly monsters that live within the province under control.


Officers Generic Other Named Members

Unknown 20 Commander Tanmod
Unknown 20 (20) General Poruk
Warrior 20 (20) Lieutenant Murunda
Unknown 20 (20) Prince Ahmtur the Mighty
Warrior 20 (20) Scout Dehra
Unknown 20 (20) Sergeant Bokkun
Unknown 20 Sergeant Bolrob

Warrior 20 (20) Royal Guard Captain
Warrior 20 (20) Vabbi Guard
Warrior 20 (20) Vabbian Scout
Warrior 20 (20) Vabbi Guard Captain
Ranger 20 (20) Vabbi Guard
Unknown 20 (20) Butoh the Bold
Unknown 20 (20) Gahrid Dareshlar
Unknown 20 (20) Jennur Kurah Hatohn
Unknown 20 (20) Johan Garham
Unknown 20 (20) Jonoss Nodahlon
Unknown 20 Kuwame
Unknown 20 (20) Lohiz Hoput
Unknown 20 (20) Mahk Jenshan


  • The Vabbian Guards appear to be wearing an Indian soldier's outfit during the time of early Indian dynasties.