General Poruk

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General Poruk
Vabbi Guard Captain m.jpg
Affiliation Vabbian military
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall
General Poruk map.jpg
Location in Vehtendi Valley
General Poruk is a war veteran who can be found right outside The Kodash Bazaar, near Lyssa's Shrine.



Quests involved in:


"Eh? Yes, I've heard all about the fighting. Elona seems to be in flames. No, no, I'm too old for all this nonsense. Leave an old man to his retirement."

During A Sound of Ancient Horns:

"Ahmtur is still alive? Well, deep-fry me and throw me to the heket! And a prince now, of all things? He served under me back in the day, a long time ago. Yes, of course I'll help! This old war horse still knows a thing or two. And I know of more than a few others who would come running if Ahmtur the Mighty calls. I will send my support to him at once."