Necromancer Ichibaun

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Necromancer Ichibaun
Ascalon necromancer m.jpg
Affiliation Wintersday
Type Human
Service Collector
Level(s) 2
Campaign Prophecies

Necromancer Ichibaun is a collector, a type of NPC that exchanges trophies for items.



"The worthless followers of Dwayna believe Wintersday is a time of joy and laughter. We, the devoted followers of Grenth, know it is a time to show respect and fear for the power of the gods. To help spoil the celebratory drinks of Dwayna's chosen, you must bring me something to slip into their festive holiday drinks. That will show them. If you gather 2 Stormy Eyes and bring them to me, I will give you this in return:"

Collector Items[edit]

Necromancer Ichibaun[edit]

Location: Ascalon City (only during Wintersday)
Collecting: 2 Stormy Eyes

Icon Item Description Value
Spiked Eggnog.png Spiked Eggnog Double-click to drink.
Excessive alcohol consumption will result in intoxication.
Can't be sold
Fruitcake.png Fruitcake Double-click to use while in town.
Eating sweets may give you a Sugar Rush.
Can't be sold
Snowman Summoner.png Snowman Summoner Double-click to create a snowman. Can't be sold
Wintergreen Candy Cane.png Wintergreen Candy Cane Double-click to remove 15% of your Death Penalty.
This item cannot be used in PvP.
Can't be sold