Stout Knucklehammer

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Stout Knucklehammer
Deldrimor ranger.jpg
Affiliation Deldrimor
Type Dwarf
Level(s) 10
Campaign Prophecies

Stout Knucklehammer is a Deldrimor dwarf who is bitter towards the Wintersday holiday.



"Bah! How I hate this time of year... everyone in a mad rush to get from here to there while they laugh and smile and celebrate the season. No one pays any attention to me. "There's old Knucklehammer," they say, but not a one stops to ask how I'm doing or to wish me a happy Wintersday. All I've got is me tankard of ale to keep me warm, no sweet Dwarven lass to share a dolyak flank with by the fireside... Bah! A pox upon this entire holiday!"

Stout Knucklehammer cycles through the following three idle quotes:

"I bet the Stone Summit aren't celebrating this ridiculous holiday. Someone remind me, why are we?"
"I hope a Humbug comes in and carries off the lot of ya! It'd serve ya right, ya merrymakers!"
"I've got an axe to grind with the next person who mentions anything about Wintersday."