You're a Mean One, Mr. Grenth

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You're a Mean One, Mr. Grenth
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Wintersday
Prophecies or Nightfall
Given by Rift Warden
in Lion's Arch or Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Type Festival quest Repeatable quest
(Solo Quest)
You're a Mean One, Mr. Grenth map.png
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Quest information[edit]



  • Speak to the Rift Warden when you are ready to enter the Underworld.
  • Recover all the stolen presents. [0...5] of 5 gift bundles recovered.
  • See Rift Warden for your reward.
  • *BONUS*: Survive for as long as possible.



During this quest, players will be under the effects of Yuletide and have the Yuletide skill bar with Avalanche instead of Yellow Snow.

Follow the road up to each marker, kill any grentch surrounding the gift, and claim it by standing close for a while. After you claim it, you can move to the next gift that will be marked on the compass. The last gift will be guarded by a grentch boss called Grentchus Magnus who, besides having more health than other grentches and using "Mmmm. Snowcone!" in the middle of the fight, poses no real threat.


Begin the bonus by talking to the Avatar of Dwayna, after finishing the quest. Wait until you have full health and all of your skills recharged before attempting the bonus, which requires killing 36 grentches across 6 waves of 6 foes each. The grentches appear one at-a-time, but their spawn rate increases with each subsequent wave. A wave does not end until you have killed the last of its half-dozen opponents.

There is no need to hurry; you can pull each foe individually from the spawn points, to handle them one-on-one. Players are rewarded 1 Candy Cane Shard after each wave is defeated.








Initial dialogue[edit]

Rift Warden

"Grenth's sniveling lackeys will stop at nothing to claim victory this Wintersday Festival. They have stolen countless gifts from the good little boys and girls and hoarded them deep within Grenth's domain. Dwayna beseeches you to go forth into the icy depths of the Underworld and recover the presents. Won't somebody think of the children?"
Yes Accept: "I'm thinking the children will have a grand Wintersday. Lead me to the fight!"
No Decline: "I'm thinking of the children right now. Miserable little buggers...."
"You will be transported directly to the Underworld. If you are in a party you will be separated for the duration of this task. Once there, you must recover the presents stolen by Grenth's servants. Are you ready to face the horrors of the Underworld alone?"
Yes Accept: "I am ready."
No Decline: "I am not ready."

After recovering the last gift[edit]

Avatar of Dwayna

"May Dwayna's light guide you through this land of ice and death. In recovering the stolen presents from the clutches of Grenth's minions, you have brought goodness to this world. So tell me, are you ready to leave this frigid place behind?"'
Yes Take me to Lion's Arch.
Yes Take me to Kamadan [sic]
Yes I want to play the bonus challenge.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Rift Warden

"The Avatars of Dwayna speak highly of you. With your help, Dwayna is one step closer to victory this Wintersday."


Bug Bug.The Quest Log displays "Rift Warden (The Underworld)", even though this quest is not acquired in The Underworld.


  • This quest was introduced in Wintersday 2006.
  • This is a reference to the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The beginning of a verse of one of the songs includes the line, "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch".
  • The line 'Won't someone please think of the children?' could be a reference to the Simpson's character Helen Lovejoy as she often says the same line at times of dilemma.
  • Prior to Wintersday 2010, this quest awarded 5 Candy Cane Shards instead of Wintersday Gifts.