Wintersday Art Contest (2006)

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The nights grow long and the snow level is dropping. Is that the sheen of ice in the Lion's Arch fountain? Do you hear the Elonians warming up their voices in preparation for caroling in Kamadan? Ok, enough seasonal references, let's move on to the good bits: We're happy to announce the first annual Guild Wars Wintersday Art Contest! That's right: Wintersday is coming, and with it comes the opportunity to share seasonal Guild Wars goodness with others—in your own neighborhood, in your guild, and around the world.

You are invited to put your imagination and your artistic talents to work in crafting a piece of seasonal art with a holiday tone and a Guild Wars theme. Perhaps it's an invitation to the Wintersday Festival or a poster celebrating the event. Or maybe it's a collage of seasonal art with Guild Wars characters, or a screenshot from last year's festival with your own artistic touches added. All ideas are welcome, and a side benefit for the Dev Team is that some of the fan art will be printed to decorate our office this holiday season. So share the joy!

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The first Wintersday Art Contest took place in 2006. The contest began in late November and winners were announced on December 22, 2006.


Prizes: Ten (10) winners will have their creations presented on the Guild Wars website and will receive one of the prizes below. (The total estimated retail value of all prizes will not exceed $1,300.) The prizes are as follows:

  • Sixth to tenth prize: Guild Wars Nightfall Standard Edition signed by the Guild Wars Development Team, along with a Guild Wars Nightfall t-shirt. (Approximate retail value $60.00 each)
  • Honorable Mentions (10 awarded): Full set of the Guild Wars Skill Pins (Approximate Retail Value: $40.00 US each.)

Prize winners[edit]

Placing Original Artwork Submitter Country
First Place Zav French flag.png France
Second Place Yury K Japanese flag.png Japan
Third Place Benjamin Chavigner French flag.png France
Fourth Place Doritine Bamboo Hungarian flag.png Hungary
Fifth Place Janneke Wiersma Netherlands flag.png Netherlands
Sixth Place Ko Gal USA flag.png United States of America
Seventh Place Henry Hall USA flag.png United States of America
Eighth Place Lynn Daniel USA flag.png United States of America
Ninth Place Grey Fox English flag.png England
Tenth Place Iris Mortuaris French flag.png France
Honorable Mentions (random order) Samuel Bunn USA flag.png United States of America
Alessandro "Ardsheal" Sordelli Italian flag.png Italy
Frame German flag.png Germany
RagingAngel Bulgarian flag.jpg Bulgaria
Oliver Bark German flag.png Germany
Xaniera USA flag.png United States of America
Jino Japanese flag.png Japan
Its Jenearly USA flag.png United States of America
Ingrid Baldisserri French flag.png France
T. Jessica Miller USA flag.png United States of America

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