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This contest ran in the summer of 2007 (the closing date was June 22nd) to name the new bosses that would be present in Eye of the North expansion, the top 101 names were incorporated into the game. More than 6000 people entered the competition.


  • Up to twenty (20) honorable mentions may also be cited at the discretion of the judges. Honorable mentions will be listed by name on the website, and their monster name may be incorporated into the game at the release of Eye of the North or in the future. They will receive also two random pins from Guild Wars Skill Pin Set #1 along with a code for their choice of the remaining three in-game miniatures mentioned above.
  • Up to seventy (70) finalists may also be cited at the discretion of the judges. Finalists will be listed by name on the website and will receive a random code for one of the three random in-game miniature mentioned above.


Boss Name Submitter Country
Warrior Molotov Rocktail Kiowa Wyoming USA flag.png United States of America
Ranger Groknar Weazlewortz You Will Know Fear USA flag.png United States of America
Warrior Baglorag Grumblesnort Simon Porter English flag.png England
Unknown Felix The Charr1 Arnaud Van Hecke Belgium flag.png Belgium
Ranger Johon the Oxflinger Jonathan Aiken USA flag.png United States of America
Ranger Gallow Nooseknitter Will Bonner (Hustler Warrior) USA flag.png United States of America
Elementalist Frazar Frostfur Jagger Vallance German flag.png Germany
Elementalist Borrguus Blisterbark Moses Fiellau-Nikolajsen Danish flag.png Denmark
Warrior Gordam Griefgiver Scott O'Keefe Australian flag.png Australia
Elementalist Thraexis Thundermaw Amber Burke USA flag.png United States of America

1After reviewing the names in the contest winners list, the game designers became concerned about how "Felix the Charr" would fit into the Guild Wars world. They noted quite a lot of controversy about the name within the player community, and they themselves felt reservations about including that name as an element within the game. Whist they like to have fun, and do include "cultural references" of many kinds, this particular name is just a little outside what the designers felt comfortable including in the game. - Extracted from a statement by Gaile Gray on this talk page. Please note that the person who submitted the name received all prizes, in accordance with the vote of the team. The only difference was that the name will not appear within the game itself.

Honorable mentions[edit]

Boss Name Submitter Country
Blut Sperling Christopher Coleman USA flag.png United States of America
Caretaker of the Shadows Stefano Pontillo Italian flag.png Italy
Argrash Darkblade Scott Mcalinden English flag.png England
Valona Skinseamer Sarah Lee South Korean flag.png Korea
Fenyr Dreamseer Rae Ellingham UK flag.png United Kingdom
Valdyr Quickpaw Michael Klemann USA flag.png United States of America
Gilliath Hopebreaker Lauritz Munch Danish flag.png Denmark
Somnium Textor Magus of Elements USA flag.png United States of America
Drazorul Fearbreather Toga Maru French flag.png France
Kronos Mindripper Wild Moves Portugese flag.png Portugal
Gorak Bonesinger João Neves Portugese flag.png Portugal
Vorslak Spleeneater Carion Rahn USA flag.png United States of America
Allya Darklyre Maia Bub French flag.png France
Cevius the Fragile Laara von Caar German flag.png Germany
Grimfang Shadowstalker Dirk Lewe German flag.png Germany
Vex Blacktongue Daniel Lardón Febrel Spanish flag.png Spain
Rygus Soulmonger Shady Backstab Canadian flag.png Canada
Mergoth Bileblood Noetia Swint USA flag.png United States of America
Pyll Mawlkeeper Will Goddard English flag.png England
Mordun the Forsaken Brian Benson USA flag.png United States of America


To view a full list of the 70 finalists please click the external link at the bottom of the page for the winners list. This list will detail finalists whose names are known to have made it into the game.

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