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With the recent announcement of the next campaign in the Guild Wars saga—Guild Wars Nightfall—we are delighted to announce a brand new Guild Wars guild emblem contest. Guild emblems are those distinctive icons that adorn a character's cape and show his or her allegiance to a particular guild. With the release of Guild Wars NightfallTM, our artists will be expanding your guild emblem choices, and you can help, too!

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During the months of August and September 2006, Guild Wars fans from Asia, Europe, and North America were invited to design guild emblems that would be added to Guild Wars Nightfall and made available through the Guild Emblemer.


Thirteen winning entries and ten honorable mentions were selected through a judging process undertaken by the Guild Wars Development Team. The prizes are as follows:

  • Winners (13 awarded): The winning guild emblem designs posted on the official websites, and the emblems included in the release version of the game, or will be streamed to the game soon after release (no retail value). In addition, each winner will receive a full set of Series #1 Guild Wars Skill Pins (retail value: $50.00 USD).
  • Honorable Mention (10 awarded): Awarded prizes at the discretion of the judges.

Prize Winners[edit]

Placing Original Artwork Submitter Country
Winners Jade Mooncat Belgium flag.png Belgium
Janne Koivu Finnish flag.png Finland
Dmitry Sharkov USA flag.png United States of America
Fairy Guardian Canadian flag.png Canada
Andy Lee Taiwanese flag.png Taiwan
Shawn Franklin USA flag.png United States of America
Luac Agwayen German flag.png Germany
Yakarryoff Mebooty USA flag.png United States of America
Michio Katou Japanese flag.png Japan
Rosary Layne USA flag.png United States of America
Jack Rackham English flag.png England
Matt Coopersmith USA flag.png United States of America
Isabeau Suro French flag.png France
Honorable Mentions Angelica Liata Australian flag.png Australia
Shadow Tob Canadian flag.png Canada
Monkey of War English flag.png England
Velvet Darkshadow USA flag.png United States of America
Ryunosuke Miura Japanese flag.png Japan
David Tompkins USA flag.png United States of America
Shatiel De Raven German flag.png Germany
Harry Lee Taiwanese flag.png Taiwan
Amanda Woods USA flag.png United States of America
Makoto Nitta Japanese flag.png Japan

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