Golden Gates

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Golden Gates
Golden Gates icon.jpg
Region The Mists
Victory condition Priest Annihilation
Party size 8
Allowed levels 20
Priest/Obelisk Priest
Effect None

Golden Gates is the sixth PvP map in the Heroes' Ascent ladder, and the first of the Upper Levels. In the distance you can see the Hall of Heroes.

Map mechanics[edit]

Golden Gates is a Priest Annihilation match, meaning the objective is to wipe out the other team and their priest.

  • Every two minutes, players will resurrect at their Priest if it is alive.


Golden Gates is simply a square walkway with a res shrine on each side, and a bridge in the middle. In front of each base is a door and Gate Lock which closes off a corner of the walkway.


  • The winning team receives Fame points based on their consecutive wins.
  • The winning team receives 400 Balthazar Faction for winning, and an extra 100 for a Flawless Victory.
  • The map after Golden Gates is The Courtyard, however, it is highly possible to skip to The Antechamber or even The Hall of Heroes during hours when almost nobody plays.


Bug Bug.Players can shoot projectiles through the doors only when they are closed, and not when they are open.
Overhead view (click to enlarge)


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