The Elite Zaishen Battle

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Heroes' Ascent
The Elite Zaishen Battle.png
Region The Mists
Victory condition Annihilation
Party size 8
Allowed levels Any
Priest/Obelisk No
Effect None

This is the first map encountered upon entering from Heroes' Ascent with a full party. The party must defeat six NPCs on this map in order to proceed to the PvP aspect of Heroes' Ascent. This battle cannot be skipped, and once completed, the party will always be sent to The Underworld (arena).






Depending upon the time that the party spend defeating the Zaishen, they will be given a variable Morale Boost:

Completion time (minutes : seconds) Morale Boost
0:01 to 0:29 10%
0:30 to 0:59 8%
1:00 to 1:19 6%
1:20 to 1:39 4%
1:40 to 1:59 2%
Over 2:00 None


After defeating the Zaishen:

Ghostly Hero: "I know what it is you seek, for I too wish to claim the Hall of Heroes."
Ghostly Hero: "Follow me. Together we shall open the portal and cross over into the Underworld."

When Ghostly Hero reaches the gate: (doesn't show up in chat box)

Ghostly Hero: "Heed my plea, Spirits of the Rift."
Ghostly Hero: "I have returned to this holy site with a singular purpose."
Ghostly Hero: "I beseech you, open the way."
Ghostly Hero: "Grant us your guidance in this task."
Ghostly Hero: "We ask for only an opportunity."
Ghostly Hero: "We ask only that you allow us to prove our worth in open combat."


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