Unholy Temples

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Unholy Temples
Unholy Temples icon.jpg
Region The Mists
Victory condition Relic Run
Party size 8
Allowed levels 20
Priest/Obelisk No
Effect None

Unholy Temples is the fourth PvP map in the Heroes' Ascent ladder.

Overhead View (click to enlarge)

Map mechanics[edit]

  • To capture a relic, pick it up from your opponent's base and walk it back to your Ghostly Hero and talk to him. Relics are shown as red and blue dots in the map to the right.
  • The Ghostly Hero, along with any of his team's dead allies, are resurrected every two minutes at their base's Resurrection Shrine. Because of this, it is advantageous to kill an enemy Ghost right after a two minute mark, making it temporarily impossible for your opponents to cap relics.
  • If one team captures three more relics than the other team, that team wins.
  • At the end of the match, the team with the most relics capped wins. If it is a tie, the team which captured the last relic wins the match.

Map layout[edit]

  • Unholy Temples consists of two large areas connected by a bridge. Each of those large areas contains one team's relic and resurrection shrine.
  • The bridge in the middle is very small, so bodyblocking with multiple people works the best there.

Players can either walk under or over the bridge. Because Guild Wars uses a Heightmap terrain system, it has no Z-axis. People under the bridge can bodyblock people above it and vice versa.

Map tactics[edit]

  • A spirit spamming ritualist or ranger can block the middle under (or over) the bridge with himself and 2 summoned spirits. This blocks players both on the top and the bottom of the bridge.
  • Snares and bodyblocking are often used on this map to slow down enemy Relic Runners.
  • The stairs near the relic require only 2 characters to body block. A team of four players can fully keep enemies away from their relic, but beware of Area of Effect spells.


  • The winning team receives fame based on their consecutive wins.
  • The winning team receives 200 Balthazar faction plus an extra 100 for a Flawless Victory.
  • The map after Unholy Temples is Forgotten Shrines, but can be skipped.

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