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The Winds of Change encounters are optional parts of the Winds of Change content that become available as a post-Factions experience. Not all are available immediately, some requiring other encounters or a progression of the Winds of Change story. These help enrich the story but are not required to complete the Winds of Change content.

List of encounters[edit]

# Zone Map Dialogue After completing... Location
1 Bukdek Byway Map.jpg read Cleansing Bukdek Byway Bukdek Byway, southeast of Kaineng Center.
2 Wajjun Bazaar Map.jpg read Cleansing Shadow's Passage Wajjun Bazaar, northwest of Nahpui Quarter.
3 Shenzun Tunnels Map.jpg read Cleansing Shenzun Tunnels Shenzun Tunnels, west of Tahnnakai Temple, near the exit to Xaquang Skyway.
4 Tahnnakai Temple Map.jpg read Cleansing the Undercity Tahnnakai Temple (explorable area), north of Zin Ku Corridor.
5 Kaineng Docks Map.jpg read Cleansing the Sunjiang District Kaineng Docks, north of Marketplace.
6 Panjiang Peninsula Map.jpg read Rescue at Minister Cho's Estate Panjiang Peninsula, outside of Tsumei Village.
7 Jaya Bluffs Map.jpg read Cleansing Zen Daijun Jaya Bluffs, northwest of Seitung Harbor, in Sizhou Hall.
8 Gyala Hatchery Map.jpg read Cleansing Rhea's Crater Gyala Hatchery, north of Leviathan Pits.
9 Ferndale Map.jpg read Cleansing Morostav Trail Ferndale, just outside of Aspenwood Gate (Kurzick).
10 Bejunkan Pier No read Intercepting the Am Fah Bejunkan Pier, north of Kaineng Center.
11 Raisu Pavilion Map.jpg read Tracking the Corruption Raisu Pavilion.
12 Sunjiang District Map.jpg read Architect of Corruption Sunjiang District (explorable area), south of Zin Ku Corridor.
13 Xaquang Skyway Map.jpg read The Gangs of Kaineng Xaquang Skyway, northwest of Senji's Corner.
14 Kinya Province Map.jpg read What Waits in Shadow Kinya Province, west of the exit to Sunqua Vale.
15 Wajjun Bazaar Map.jpg read A Favor Returned Wajjun Bazaar, just south of the exit to The Marketplace.
16 Xaquang Skyway Map.jpg read A Favor Returned Xaquang Skyway, near the entrance to Shenzun Tunnels.
17 Kaineng Docks Map.jpg read Deadly Cargo Kaineng Docks, Northwest of The Marketplace.
18 Wajjun Bazaar Map.jpg read Trading Blows Wajjun Bazaar, just south of The Marketplace.
19 Bukdek Byway Map.jpg read Ever Closer to the Edge Bukdek Byway, southeast of Kaineng Center.
20 Bejunkan Pier Map.jpg read Violence in the Streets Bejunkan Pier, northwest of Kaineng Center.
21 Nahpui Quarter Map.jpg read Violence in the Streets Nahpui Quarter, just south of the exit to Senji's Corner.
22 Xaquang Skyway Map.jpg read The Rescue Attempt Xaquang Skyway, near the entrance to Senji's Corner.
23 Sunqua Vale Map.jpg read Warning the Angchu Sunqua Vale, northwest of Shing Jea Monastery.
24 Bukdek Byway Map.jpg read Free Birds Bukdek Byway, southeast of Kaineng Center.
25 Panjiang Peninsula Map.jpg read Honorable Combat Panjiang Peninsula, just south of Tsumei Village.
26 Bejunkan Pier Map.jpg read A Treaty's a Treaty Bejunkan Pier, northwest of Kaineng Center.
27 Wajjun Bazaar Map.jpg read Finding Jinnai Wajjun Bazaar, south of The Marketplace.
28 Kaineng Docks Map.jpg read There Goes the Neighborhood Kaineng Docks, Northwest of The Marketplace
29 Xaquang Skyway No read Ministry of Oppression Xaquang Skyway, Northwest, near the exit to Bukdek Byway
30 Kinya Province Map.jpg read Raid on Shing Jea Monastery Kinya Province, west of the exit to Sunqua Vale

Dialogue, Act 1[edit]

Encounter 1 - Cautious optimism[edit]

Outside of Kaineng Center, two Canthan Peasants discuss the absence of the Afflicted in Bukdek Byway

Canthan Peasant: "It's nice, isn't it? Being able to walk the streets safely again?"
Canthan Peasant: "You have an interesting definition of safety. Just because the Afflicted are gone doesn't mean there aren't any number of other threats."
Canthan Peasant: "At least the Ministry of Purity is doing something about it. What has the Imperial Guard done for us lately?"

Encounter 2 - Political intrigue in Cantha[edit]

Outside of Nahpui Quarter, two Canthan Peasants discuss the Ministry of Purity and past tragedies

Canthan Peasant: "I've been thinking about joining up with the Ministry of Purity."
Canthan Peasant: "Why would you want to do something like that?"
Canthan Peasant: "They're actually trying to change things. I don't know. There's a part of me that really wants to belong to something like that."
Canthan Peasant: "The branches of the Ministry just want to take away the Emperor's power. It's always been like that. What makes this group any different?"
Canthan Peasant: "This isn't about power. You know what happened to the Yuudachi family, and you know why it's important to Minister Reiko. This is about preventing any further tragedies."
Canthan Peasant: "That's all fine and well, but don't blame me if you get your fool self killed by pretending to be a soldier. Some things are better left to the Imperial Guards."

Encounter 3 - A favored cause[edit]

In Shenzun Tunnels, near the exit to Xaquang Skyway, two peasants discuss the possibility of joining the Ministry of Purity.

Canthan Peasant: "Why are we always relying on the emperor for protection?"
Canthan Peasant: "I don't know. The guards haven't been able to protect us, but they still want our support?"
Canthan Peasant: "Maybe we should join up with the Ministry of Purity. After seeing what they've accomplished and hearing Reiko and Ashu really makes me feel like I can do something more."
Canthan Peasant: "And if ever the gods were favoring a cause, it must surely be theirs. For that boy to have survived what he did...It's truly a blessing."

Encounter 4 - Yuudachi family's past[edit]

Outside of Zin Ku Corridor, two Sai Ling Priests discuss the Yuudachi family's past and how they've changed.

Sai Ling Priest: "It's hard to believe, isn't it? It's already been over seven years since the Yuudachi family was taken from us."
Sai Ling Priest: "Has it been only seven years? It feels like that was a completely different lifetime. Remember when the children used to run through the temple?"
Sai Ling Priest: "Of course. And remember how mad Kiju would get? "You must never run in the presence of our ancestors! Walk, and observe their memories properly!""
Sai Ling Priest: "As flustered as he got, I'm sure that I have never seen a prouder father."
Sai Ling Priest: "Ashu must miss him terribly. He seems so different these days; we hardly ever see him anymore."
Sai Ling Priest: "Life changes, and it forces people to change along with it. He is growing up in his own way."
Sai Ling Priest: "I still miss the way things used to be. Those were happier times."

Encounter 5 - Lingering Shiro'ken[edit]

In the Kaineng Docks, two peasants discuss the threat of the Shiro'ken.

Canthan Peasant: "Good riddance to the Afflicted, I say. Now if someone would do something about those lingering Shiro'ken!"
Canthan Peasant: "Ha! Like the Ministry of Purity would do anything about them. The Shiro'ken still attack the palace and the Ministry seems content to leave it to the Imperial Guards."
Canthan Peasant: "Watch your tone! The Ministry is working for the good of us all."
Canthan Peasant: "Maybe you need to learn a thing or two about how the world works. Sometimes doing good for others is really doing good for yourself."

Encounter 6 - Double-edged hope[edit]

In Panjiang Peninsula, two guards discuss the recent actions of the Ministry of Purity.

Canthan Guard: "Did you hear about that group that tried to clear out the old estate?"
Canthan Guard: "They aren't alone. I've heard other stories of people going off to fight the Afflicted."
Canthan Guard: "Whether they realize it or not, this is the Ministry of Purity's fault. They're telling people that change is within anyone's reach. Hope is a dangerous weapon."
Canthan Guard: "Any fool can pick it up, get swept up in it, and believe they're part of something more."
Canthan Guard: "There's nothing wrong with being part of something, but...these wannabe heroes are causing people to rush into things they aren't prepared to face. Is it really so bad to leave this to the Imperial Guard?"
Canthan Guard: "It is when people feel powerless because they aren't involved."

Encounter 7 - Lantern-loving Yetis[edit]

In Jaya Bluffs, two peasants discuss the threats in Shing Jea Island.

Canthan Peasant: "At long last, it's safe here on Shing Jea Island! There are no more Afflicted to worry about."
Canthan Peasant: "Well, there's still yetis. They'll still attack you. Especially if you're carrying a lantern."
Canthan Peasant: "Actually, now that you mention it: why DO they want lanterns so much?"
Canthan Peasant: "There must be some reason that makes sense, but I just can't grasp it. Maybe it's so they can read in their caves at night?"
Canthan Peasant: "Anyway... My point is that now it's much safer than it was before. Excluding the yetis."
Canthan Peasant: "What about the Tengu?"
Canthan Peasant: "You know what? This is why no one ever talks to you."

Encounter 8 - The best kind of Canthan[edit]

In Gyala Hatchery, two Luxon Peasants discuss the arrogant nature of an agent of the Ministry of Purity.

Luxon Peasant: "I still can't believe this gall! That he would tell me I wasn't fit to call myself a Canthan. Ha! Who do the Ministry of Purity think they are?"
Luxon Peasant: "Just because one person said it, doesn't mean they all think that way. I can think of some members of the Crab Clan I want to punch squarely in the face."
Luxon Peasant: "That's different. Just because the Ministry doesn't understand our way of life doesn't mean they can write it off as incorrect. Telling me that I'm no Canthan because we focus more on our "petty rivalry" than supporting the Empire."
Luxon Peasant: "Feh! The fact that I kill Kurzicks makes me the BEST kind of Canthan."

Encounter 9 - Dire consequences[edit]

In Ferndale, two Kurzick Peasants discuss what would happen to them and the Luxons when the lands recover from the Jade Wind.

Kurzick Peasant: "I wonder...With the Afflicted gone, will the forest begin to heal itself?"
Kurzick Peasant: "I am certain that it will, but the question is: what happens because of it?"
Kurzick Peasant: "What do you mean?"
Kurzick Peasant: "Think of it this way: Our people have adapted to life in these petrified woods. New life and new creatures have found their homes here. What happens when all of that changes?"
Kurzick Peasant: "I see your point. But there's one thing we can take comfort in. While our people may have tough changes ahead of them, it's nothing compared to the Luxons."
Kurzick Peasant: "When the Jade Sea thaws, the lot of them will just sink!"

Encounter 10 - A case for the Imperial Guard[edit]

In Bejunkan Pier, a peasant and a dock worker discuss the ethics of the actions against the Gangs of Kaineng.

Dock Worker: "First it was the Afflicted, then it was the Am Fah. How is anyone supposed to get anything done? It isn't safe to walk the streets!"
Canthan Peasant: "At least you're not living in the streets. Besides, things are getting better, aren't they?"
Dock Worker: "Sure, they're getting better, but not soon enough if you ask me. The Ministry of Purity needs to be doing even more. Having all of these gangs around is an occupational hazard."
Canthan Peasant: "The Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood shouldn't be the Ministry's problem; they're people, the same as you and me. It should be a job for the Imperial Guard."
Dock Worker: "Yeah, it should be. But are they doing enough? Where I come from, if you want something done, you do it yourself. Good on the Ministry of Purity, I say."

Encounter 11 - Discord in the Ministry[edit]

In Raisu Pavilion, Minister Jaisan and Attendant Hara discuss the Ministry of Purity's accomplishments.

Minister Jaisan: "This news that keeps coming in disturbs me. Why am I always hearing about how the Ministry of Purity has done this or accomplished that? Who are they but a bunch of upstarts? They have no idea of proper order or of their place!"
Attendant Hara: "But, sir, I think the fact that they're accomplishing things is what makes them so popular with the people."
Minister Jaisan: "We accomplish things! Within the last three years, I have managed to put a bill into effect stating that peasants may build no more than twenty-three of their wretched little huts on top of one another. Twenty-three! There will be no more of this ridiculous twenty-four-and-over nonsense."
Attendant Hara: "With all respect, sir, how has that helped anyone?"
Minister Jaisan: "It is not for them to understand. That's why we are in charge. Because we are smarter, and it is our job to lead those who are not."
Attendant Hara: "I don't think that attitude is helping us any either, sir."
Minister Jaisan: "Never mind! The Ministry of Purity may be a threat to us in the long run. I might need to start drafting some policies to regulate their actions. If we act now, I think we can staunch this wound within the next twelve years. We'll see who the people think are getting results then, won't we?"
Attendant Hara: "Whatever you say, sir."

Encounter 12 - Fear of the future[edit]

Outside of Zin Ku Corridor, two Canthan Peasants discuss faith and find inspiration in Ashu's story.

Canthan Peasant: "So much is changing these days. Sometimes I fear what tomorrow will bring."
Canthan Peasant: "Maybe it's time for you to revisit your faith. Mine is always there beside me. Even if the world turned on end, my faith would still hold true."
Canthan Peasant: "How can I show faith in the Six or revere the ancestor spirits when they leave us to this world?"
Canthan Peasant: "You don't understand. Faith doesn't have to be about something or someone else. Having faith in yourself is enough."
Canthan Peasant: "I believe in myself! So why am I still so unsure?"
Canthan Peasant: "Because faith means nothing without conviction. Do you think the ancestor spirits would have spared Ashu if he did not believe so strongly? They gave him the will to survive."
Canthan Peasant: "Seeing him alive and well, despite everything that has happened, gives me hope for the future. I truly believe that better days lie ahead for us."

Encounter 13 - Questionable actions[edit]

Outside of Senji's Corner, two Canthan Peasants discuss the Ministry of Purity actions against the gangs of Cantha

Canthan Peasant: "Why are people joining the Ministry of Purity to fight the gangs?"
Canthan Peasant: "Some people want to feel like they have control over their lives. They're tired of waiting for someone else to fix the problem."
Canthan Peasant: "Don't they understand that they're just making it worse? Every time the Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood get attacked, they retaliate. The bloodshed is always worse."
Canthan Peasant: "That kind of thinking has made them the problem they are! People are afraid to stand up to them because they're afraid of the consequences. Would you rather we turned a blind eye?"
Canthan Peasant: "Well, no. It's not right that they're there, but..."
Canthan Peasant: "We always pay a price for change. That's the way of the world."

Encounter 14 - The Yuudachi mystery[edit]

In Kinya Province, a writer and a student discuss the mystery of the Yuudachi family.

Yukiko, Muse of Words: "Have you heard the story of the missing daughter of the Yuudachi family? It is one of my favorite modern mysteries."
Van Qi, Neophyte of Words: "No. How's that one go?"
Yukiko, Muse of Words: "The missing daughter was said to be a rare beauty and a source of great pride for her family. But none appreciated her as much as her father."
Yukiko, Muse of Words: "When the Afflicted attacked Tahnnakai Temple, the entire family was the young son, Ashu. As the story's title might imply, the daughter was never found. Some say that they have seen her, but there have never been any reliable accounts. They say she was on the streets, running, or that she was taken away to the palace, or stolen by the Am Fah, or by pirates. There are as many versions as there are tellers of the tale."
Van Qi, Neophyte of Words: "So? What's so special about that? Lots of people died or went missing when the plague broke out."
Yukiko, Muse of Words: "This is why you will never succeed as a writer. You have no appreciation for mystery, adventure...romanticized ideals! Doesn't it make you wonder if she is still alive? And what happened to her? What paths must life have taken her down? That poor, lost little girl. It's sadder than any fairy tale."

Dialogue, Act 2[edit]

Encounter 15 - More to lose[edit]

Outside of The Marketplace, two Canthan Peasants discuss the inaction concerning the recent events.

Canthan Peasant: "Things lately have been worse than ever. How can the emperor just stand by and let this happen to us?"
Canthan Peasant: "Perhaps...the emperor is not as strong as he once was. He hasn't been quite the same since the death of his half brother, Togo."
Canthan Peasant: "All of us have lost something, and have needed to find the strength to carry on. The emperor, more than any of us, needs to have that strength. If he doesn't, then there is still a lot left for him to lose."

Encounter 16 - Oh, it gets worse..[edit]

At the entrance to Shenzun Tunnels from Xaquang Skyway, two Canthan peasants discuss the adverse effects of the actions of the Ministry of Purity.

Canthan Peasant: "I understand that what the Ministry of Purity is doing is for the best. That we shouldn't have to suffer these gangs openly walking our streets but..."
Canthan Peasant: "I never thought that things would get this bad. It almost feels like things are more dangerous now than they were before this all started."
Canthan Peasant: "I'm starting to feel like things were better before. At least then the danger was predictable!"

Encounter 17 - Tightening regulations[edit]

At the Kaineng Docks, a Dockmaster and Dock Worker discuss the Ministry of Winds plans for stricter trade regulations.

Dockmaster: "Things are going to get a lot harder on us if the Ministry of Wind has its say on things."
Dock Worker: "That useless lot? What are they on about this time around?"
Dockmaster: "They're citing what has happened with the Jade Brotherhood as a need to enforce stricter regulations on trade, that they must be aware of what is coming in and out of Cantha."
Dockmaster: "At this rate, they'll be telling us that no ships will be allowed to sail in or out without their approval."

Encounter 18 - Poking a hornet's nest[edit]

In Wajjun Bazaar, two Canthan Peasants discuss their concerns about foreign heroes fighting against the Ministry of Purity.

Canthan Peasant 1: "I can't believe how bad things have gotten. We always knew that the gangs were a threat, but if we didn't cross them, they left us alone."
Canthan Peasant 2: "Now the Ministry of Purity is inspiring would-be heroes and foreigners who don't understand our way of life to go and fight them. What good is that doing?"
Canthan Peasant 1: "It's making the streets more dangerous, that's what. I go to bed every night fearing for my family, praying that the fighting won't affect us."
Canthan Peasant 2: "Exactly. They're only poking a hornet's nest, and it's the innocent people that are getting stung!"

Encounter 19 - An Initiate's remorse[edit]

In Bukdek Byway, an Initiate of the Ministry of Purity confides in a friend about their doubts.

Initiate Shen Su: "My friend, I must confide...things aren't quite what I believed they would be."
Quan Wei: "How do you mean? It seems to me that the Ministry of Purity is doing good work. They've accomplished exactly what they've set out to do."
Initiate Shen Su: "Well, yes. That's all true. And I feel like I should be proud to say I'm a part of that. But the truth is, more than anything else, I just feel afraid."
Initiate Shen Su: "I went into this driven by fire and passion to make Cantha safe, to protect the people that I love and care about. And those are powerful notions, one worth rallying behind."
Initiate Shen Su: "But it's hard to cling onto your ideals when it means striking down another man. I know what the Jade Brotherhood, and what the Am Fah do is wrong. It's an evil in our world."
Quan Wei: "And you're helping to rid us of that. Why isn't that something you can take pride in?"
Initiate Shen Su: "But...but they're still men, the same as you or me. I've had to see their faces as they've died, and know that they died because of me. How can anyone take pride in that?"

Encounter 20 - A punch to the head[edit]

At the Bejunkan Pier, a sailor gives good advice to a complaining guard.

Disgruntled Canthan Guardian: "You have no idea how tired I'm getting of knocking together the Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood's heads to try and keep some peace."
Ornery Sailor: "What are you complaining about? That's just an ordinary day on our ship. Pretty much any problem I have can be solved by a good, swift, punch to the head."
Ornery Sailor: "Someone starts complaining about something? That's just earned them a punch to the head. Someone gets in front of me in the mess hall? That's a punch to the head. Someone won't stop singing those ridiculous sea shanties? Oh I'm definitely going to punch them in the head."
Disgruntled Canthan Guardian: "I get it, I get it. Urgh. I think I was better off dealing with the gangs."

Encounter 21 - Noble intentions[edit]

Outside of Senji's Corner, a Canthan couple discuss the path their son has chosen.

Wan Ra: "I know that it hurts, losing him. But we must be strong, to honor the sacrifice that he made."
Isu Xie: "How can you see it like that? He was our only son! Will his noble intentions call out warmly telling me that he's come home? Will they smile fondly and tell us the challenges and joys his life has brought him?"
Wan Ra: "No. But they will leave us with the memory that he died, choosing his own path. And to give his life for it, that it meant it was something he truly believed in."
Wan Ra: "How many parents are blessed to know that their children found the path that they wanted to walk in life? We should be happy. His life may have been short, but his wish has been fulfilled."

Encounter 22 - Zealously in love[edit]

Close to the entrance of Senji's Corner, two females, a peasant and a cleric of the Ministry, argue about their upcoming marriage.

Canthan Peasant: "I've been so worried about you! Why did you ever have to run off and join the Ministry of Purity anyway? We were supposed to get married and live a quiet life!"
Ministry Cleric: "That's exactly why I enlisted! There's no hope of a quiet life for us as long as so much evil is allowed to run rampant through our country!"
Canthan Peasant: "But the Afflicted are gone, and rumor has it the gangs are as good as beat. You've made a difference! Things are better now!"
Ministry Cleric: "There are still other threats to Cantha that must be dealt with. I must finish this."
Canthan Peasant: "What other threats? Please, don't choose this crusade over me...over us!"
Ministry Cleric: "I...I can't tell you. But just trust me, once this is over we will have that quiet life I promised you. I'm doing this for us, and I can't stop until the minister's vision is complete."
Canthan Peasant: "Reiko's vision is ever growing! Once one threat is destroyed, she declares something else a threat. First the Afflicted, then the gangs. What's next? Restarting the Tengu Wars?"
Ministry Cleric: "I...Enough of this. We only have a short time together, let's not waste it arguing."

Encounter 23 - Unsettling rumor[edit]

In Sunqua Vale, a Canthan Peasant discusses a rumor about Aerie with a Student and a Canthan Guard.

Canthan Peasant: "Did you hear about the massacre at Aerie?"
Student: "Massacre?"
Canthan Peasant: "Apparently the Ministry of Purity sent some some[sic] of their forces over there to evacuate the Angchu tribe to safety, and those savages tore them to pieces!"
Student: "Really? Why would the Angchu do that? And why would the Ministry be trying to evacuate them anyway? What's unsafe on this island that they aren't bothering to tell us about?"
Canthan Peasant: "Uh, well now that you mention it, I don't know."
Canthan Guard: "That's right, you don't know, kid. And you shouldn't let your mouth start flapping until you're sure what comes out's going to be worth the air it takes to push it past your lips."
Canthan Guard: "The Angchu have been at peace with us for years and have nothing but misery to gain by starting a war with us. The Ministry of Purity picks a fight with anyone or anything that looks at them funny..."
Canthan Guard: "That, plus the fact that I haven't received orders to collect dozens of Tengu scalps, tells me that if anything went down, it was probably just some overzealous Ministry commander who went rogue and bit off more than he could chew."
Canthan Peasant: "The Ministry wouldn't..."
Canthan Guard: "They're men, boy, like you or me. Fallible. Corruptible."
Student: "'s probably just a rumor anyway"

Encounter 24 - A call for vengeance[edit]

In Bukdek Byway, a Canthan Guard struggles to quell a riot concerning the Tengu.

Canthan Peasant: "Justice, we want justice!"
Canthan Noble: "We demand answers!"
Canthan Guard: "Everyone needs to calm down! We assure you, the city is safe. You have nothing to fear."
Canthan Noble: "Nothing to fear? Those feathered beasts are murdering their way through Kaineng City and you say we have nothing to fear?"
Canthan Guard: "There have been no attacks on any civilians. As far as we can tell, the incident at the Roost only occurred because members of the Angchu tribe were being imprisoned there illegally by members of the Ministry of Purity."
Canthan Peasant: "Your laws and regulations won't bring back the Canthans they killed! Those were good people, just looking to protect us!"
Canthan Guard: "Those good people were breaking a peace treaty that has lasted for years, and they were going against the will of the emperor himself!"
Canthan Noble: "The emperor hides in his palace, protecting the Tengu over his own people! The Ministry of Purity protects us where he does not. Where YOU do not!"
Canthan Noble: "And while the ground is still wet with their blood, he calls THEM the criminals? The Tengu must pay for the lives they have taken!"
Canthan Guard: "Enough of this! By order of the emperor, I command you to disperse!"
Canthan Peasant: "You can't silence us forever! The emperor only has as much power as the people give him!"

Encounter 25 - To lift a sword[edit]

At the fields in Panjiang Peninsula, a guard and a peasant discuss the threat of the Tengu.

Canthan Peasant: "I've noticed the Ministry of Purity has been shifting most of their forces east."
Canthan Guard: "They are attempting to track down the remainder of the Sensali forces from the Battle of Jaya Bluffs. There should only be a handful of them left by now..."
Canthan Peasant: "Yes, but what if the Sensali attack us here in the meantime? Who will defend us?"
Canthan Guard: "The Imperial Guards have been protecting the residents of this village for decades. The members of the Ministry of Purity aren't the only ones who know how to lift a sword, you know..."
Canthan Peasant: "Yeah...but I'd still feel a whole lot safer if the Ministry of Purity was here..."
Canthan Guard: "By the Six, I am so tired of hearing that!"

Encounter 26 - The truth about the Ministry[edit]

On the pier, Xin Ji stands as a witness against the corrupt Ministry of Purity.

Xin Ji: "People of Cantha, hear me! The Ministry of Purity is not what they seem! I've seen firsthand the atrocities committed by Reiko's thugs!"
Canthan Peasant: "What are you on about, girl? The Ministry of Purity is saving Cantha!"
Xin Ji: "No, no! That's just what they want you to think! I live in Tsumei Village! I was there when it was attacked!"
Canthan Peasant: "Yes, we've all heard the story. The filthy Tengu attacked, and the great Captain Bei Chi sacrificed his own life to protect the village from those savages."
Xin Ji: "What? No! The Ministry didn't show up until after the battle was won!"
Xin Ji: "It was the Angshu tribe that saved us! Without their help..."
Canthan Peasant: "Ha! Someone should lock this crazy girl up! Why would the Tengu save you from the Tengu?"
Canthan Noble: "Those backwater Shing Jea rice farmers always were an odd sort..."
Xin Ji: "I'm not crazy, I was there! Bei Chi was a coward and a murderer! He killed the true hero, a Tengu named..."
Canthan Peasant: "Enough of this, I think it's time we taught you some respect, girl!"

Dialogue, Act 3[edit]

Encounter 27 - Lack of Activity[edit]

Outside of the Marketplace, two guards speak about the lack of gang activity.

Canthan Guard: "It sure has been quiet the past few days..."
Canthan Guard: "Yeah. A little too quiet..."
Canthan Guard: "How original. Why do people say that anyway? How can there be too much absence of sound?"
Canthan Guard: "Uhh..."
Canthan Guard: "Oh never mind! It is odd that we haven't had to pick up any rotting Am Fah or Jade Brotherhood corpses though..."
Canthan Guard: "So it can't be too quiet, but there CAN be too few corpses strewn across the streets? Yeah. That's normal."
Canthan Guard:: "You know what I mean! The gangs never pick up after themselves when they kill each other, and gods know the Ministry of Purity doesn't like getting their pretty white uniforms dirty..."
Canthan Guard: "Maybe they're all already dead?"
Canthan Guard: "Yeah...maybe..."

Encounter 28 - The New Ministry Laws[edit]

In the Kaineng Docks, the Ministry of Purity speaks with civilians.

Ministry Captain: "Citizens of Cantha!"
Ministry Captain: "Due to the recent lawlessness, and the attack on Kaineng Center, the Ministry of Purity will be enacting the following new laws..."
Ministry Captain: "Effective tonight at sundown, a curfew will be enacted. Any residents found outside of their homes past dark shall be subject to arrest."
Aiguo Sun: "What? That's preposterous!"
Ministry Captain: "Use of magics, regardless of the particular school of magic used, shall be restricted to members of the Ministry of Purity, and those who receive express written permission from the Ministry of Purity to use said magics. Any resident found using magic without a permit shall be subject to arrest."
Ai Zhao: "So, I'm not supposed to heal dying people I come across?"
Ministry Captain: "Any persons found to be associated with or related by blood or marriage to any of those convicted of conspiring with the Am Fah, Jade Brotherhood, or any other associated organizations shall be subject to arrest until such time questioning determines your innocence."
Aiguo Sun: "Enough! I will not listen to anymore of this. You have no authority to enact these laws! Where were you when the gangs set fire to Kaineng City? Where were you while they breached Kaineng Center's walls!? Where were you while they murdered and pillaged their away across the city!?"
Ministry Captain: "...Public questioning of the Ministry of Purity's authority is forbidden and offenders are subject to arrest. Guards!"
Aiguo Sun: "You won't take me without a fight!!"
Hauling Zheng: "They're going to kill him, we must help!"

(Ministry of Purity members turn agressive until their health drops below 50%)

Ministry Captain: "You there, Monk. Assist us!"
Ai Zhao: "Sorry, I don't have express written consent..."
Ministry Captain: "You will all pay for this! I...I will remember your faces! You will all be subject to arrest!"

Encounter 29 - Those Who Speak Out[edit]

In Xaquang Skyway, two peasants speak about citizens arrested by the Ministry.

Canthan Peasant: "Things sure are a lot quieter these days..."
Canthan Peasant: "Yeah, well, what do you expect? The Ministry of Purity has arrested any who opposed them, and everyone else is afraid to suffer the same fate if they speak out."
Canthan Peasant: "It's always quiet, when everyone has been silenced..."
Canthan Peasant: "But you have to admit, the streets are safer. The Afflicted are long gone, and the gangs haven't been this pacified in, well, for as long as I can remember!"
Canthan Peasant: "Yes, I suppose you're right. You always were one to look at the bright side.."
Canthan Peasant: "Better to look at the bright side than the dark corner of a cell!"
Canthan Peasant: "I'm sure when the dust settles, Canthans will look back at these times as a necessary step to a brighter future."
Canthan Peasant: "Right. You can't make an omelet without cracking some eggs, and you can't clean up an empire without arresting a quarter of its population. Or something..."
Canthan Peasant: "See, you're getting it!"

Encounter 30 - Cantha, A Human Empire[edit]

In Kinya Province, The Ministry of Purity speaks to residents of Shing Jea.

Ministry Captain: "Residents of Shing Jea, it is with great relief that I speak with you today."
Ministry Captain: "When Reiko learned of the Tengu's dastardly assault on the monastery, she feared the worst."
Ministry Captain: "The Ministry arrived as quickly as possible, but the assault had already begun."
Ministry Captain: "But the gods smiled on you on that fateful day. You stood up to those feathered beasts, and you were victorious!"
Ministry Captain: "This is exactly what Reiko's message teaches us. Each and every one of us has the ability to stand up to evil and strike it down. Good triumphs over evil!"
Ministry Captain: "But the challenge is not over. It is one thing to stand up yo evil when it is outside your doors and you are on the brink of oblivion..."
Ministry Captain: "It's another thing to say "No more," and to take the fight to them!"
Ministry Captain: "Yes, you pushed the Tengu back. The immediate threat, it would seem, is gone. But how long before they are back?"
Ministry Captain: "How long before the other Tengu exact revenge for those killed here today? You've already seen what these beasts are like. You have seen they wish to push you from your homes through force!"
Ministry Captain: "So I ask you, why do you continue to risk the lives of your family? Why do you allow these monsters to continue to taint this otherwise tranquil island?"
Ministry Captain: "Minister Reiko fears for your safety. She mourns those already lost and has vowed to do everything in her power to ensure no more Canthans die at the hands of the Tengu!"
Ministry Captain: "Don't be fooled by those who say the Angchu are different. If the attack on Shing Jea has taught anything, it's that we can only trust in ourselves. In each other."
Ministry Captain: "The emperor was wrong to think he could reason with beasts. They may speak like us, but they do not think like us. And they cannot be trusted, no matter how well they disguise their true, sinister intentions."
Ministry Captain: "Join with us in saying "No more!" Cantha is a human empire, and it is due time we make that clear!"