Intercepting the Am Fah

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see Intercepting the Am Fah (Hard mode).
Intercepting the Am Fah
Section Kaineng City Quests
Storyline Beyond: Winds of Change
Given by Xan Hei
in Xaquang Skyway
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Cleansing Morostav Trail
Followed by Tracking the Corruption
Intercepting the Am Fah (Hard mode)
Type Secondary quest
Intercepting the Am Fah map.jpg
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Stop the Courier from escaping with the suspicious case.

Quest information[edit]




Your stated goal is to prevent the courier from reaching his vessel in Bejunkan Pier. However the quest will succeed as long as you kill him and pick up his Am Fah Case; it does not matter if he reaches the boat. As he runs to the docks, he will taunt you. Groups of Am Fah will popup along the way and attempt to prevent you from following. This allows you to take several distinct approaches:

  1. Simple: follow the courier slowly, spawning one group of foes at a time. You can use the same 8-member party that has worked for you for other Winds of Change quests (these Am Fah are weaker than most Afflicted groups). There is no need to follow the courier all the way down to the lowest level of the docks. Once he gets to his end point, he can be reached by longbow from the platform one level higher and will merrily run all the way up to you, reducing the number of groups that spawn by three.
  2. Snare: using a combination of Dash (to catch up with the courier), "You Move Like A Dwarf!" (to knock him down early), and Mind Freeze or other hexes (to prevent him from getting away). The courier and his Am Fah allies will heal him and remove his conditions, so you will have to be able to spike him quickly.
  3. Degen: Instead of chasing or snaring the courier, let him go down the stairs. Kill just the first group and then spam health degeneration skills on him. Be careful not to go down the stairs yourself (or let any heroes do so), which will spawn a new group of Am Fah (that could heal and/or remove hexes and conditions). Useful skills include Life Siphon, Conjure Nightmare, and Illusion of Pain.
  4. Shadow step: equip all party members and heroes with a shadow step skill, the remainder of their builds can be as normal. Allow the courier to run down the stairs then kill the first group. While remaining up the top, edge into the corner closest to where the courier stops. You can then shadow step the team to him and kill him; as this bypasses the normal trigger point, the courier does not attempt to run off. If high damage skills are used the team can easily spike him and retrieve the case before the surrounding Am Fah pop.
  5. Bodyblock upon entering dash to the courier and use "You Move Like a Dwarf!" on him, bodyblock him on the stairs as he used antidote signet preventing him from escaping.
  6. Long range damage: Take casters with you and after you killed the first spawn the courier will be standing still. You can hit him with long range damage from the top and he will not run away, if you have enough firepower you can kill him this way.



Humans (Ministry of Purity)


Humans (Am Fah)


Humans (Am Fah)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Xan Hei
"So you're the one I've been hearing about from Zei Ri? We can talk later. Right now we've got a situation on our hands. I don't doubt your familiarity with the Am Fah or the role they had in spreading the plague. We've received reports of an Am Fah Courier heading towards Bejunkan Pier with a heavy escort and carrying something "suspicious." Given that it's happening now, it is safe to assume the worst. We need to know what is in that case, and we need it destroyed.
"Most of the Ministry is busy with reconstruction efforts and training the surge of new recruits we've received. We're closest to the situation, so we should deal with it. And, with me along, we don't really need the others. Let's leave now."
Yes Accept: "I love solving mysteries. Especially with force."
No Decline: "This sounds like a case for someone else."
Ask Ask: "Hurry to Bejunkan Pier. Time, like my patience, is running out."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Xan Hei: "There! The courier is ahead. Stop him before he reaches the ship! I'll remain here to cut off their reinforcements from behind!"
Am Fah Courier: "All that you're done means nothing, absolutely nothing. So pitiful."
Am Fah Courier: "Just give up and leave while you still have your life!"
Am Fah Courier: "What kind of fool runs blindly to his own death?"
Am Fah Courier: "You've made a mistake by coming here. These are not your lands, and these are not your affairs. But you've made yourselves our problem, so now we're going to deal with you!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Xan Hei
"Time to see what this case contains. What the...? Of all the sickening... These are plans. Instructions about the magics necessary to make a Chalice of Corruption. I'm certain that you recognize that name, along with its significance. This means that someone within the Am Fah knows how to create this. We need to find out who that is, and we need them exterminated. Their knowledge can die with them; This [sic] world has no room for the kind of person who would knowingly inflict suffering upon others in this way. I will formulate a plan. Return and speak with me again later."