Xun Rao

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Concept art by Hyojin Ahn.

Join the Cause

Good people of Cantha, the time has come for you to take up arms. For too long now, our glorious lands have been tarnished, as they wither in the shadows of fear and helplessness. When Shiro the Betrayer returned, he brought with him the Affliction, and the plagued still walk these lands, spreading unabated. Great heroes rose up, and they sent the Betrayer back. But I ask you this: where are those heroes now? Where are they while the innocent seek what little shelter they can find, hoping to survive to see another day? Where is our great Empire, and what has it done to protect the people? When a voice cries out for help, do they even hear it from behind the palace walls?

Allow me to share with you a great truth as it was shared with me. Cantha is a land that does not need heroes. It is not a land that will tremble at looming threats. It is not a land that will stand aside, waiting for a savior. It is not a land where the people are so broken and weak that they cannot stand up for themselves. The strength that Cantha needs is the strength that comes in the moment when ordinary men and women confront that which holds them back. When they stand tall and proud. When their eyes shine with fierce determination. When their spirit burns brighter than even the sun. When a simple truth is known: they will no longer submit. Our strength is a strength that comes from a purity of purpose: good people working together for a common cause.

Ask yourself this: is there any greater future than the one that you shape with your own hands? This is what the Ministry is offering. The chance for a better tomorrow, a better Cantha, and most importantly, a better you. Believe me, friends, when I say that change is upon us. Will you be swept away by it, or will you stand at the forefront, to see with your own eyes where it will lead?

Xun Rao, Ecclesiate of the Ministry of Purity

Xun Rao is the Ecclesiate of the Ministry of Purity.