Kilroy's Punchout Tournament

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Kilroy's Punchout Tournament
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Kilroy Stonekin
in Gunnar's Hold
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by The Throwdown in a Norn Town
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
(Solo Quest)

Do solo boxing matches against a selection of opponents, drawn from all parts of of the world.

Quest information[edit]


  • Speak to Kilroy Stonekin to start the brawling tournament.
  • Defeat eight opponents in a row to win the brawling tournament.
  • See Kilroy Stonekin for your reward.



When entering, first make sure you equip your Brass Knuckles if you haven't already. After the timer has finished counting down, the doors to the arena — which should be quite familiar to you by now — will open. You will have to defeat the eight enemies one by one. The enemies that spawn are random but a good general piece of advice is to go behind a wall if you are facing a ranged enemy and are low on hp. Another good idea is to save Brawling Straight Right and sometimes even Brawling Headbutt until it matters. If you are facing a warrior you can expect it to have Healing Signet.

  • TIP: If/when you are knocked down, use one hand to "button mash" the number 8 on your keyboard (or the button you have assigned to skill 8), and use the other hand on the mouse to spam click the skill to generate energy even faster. After this you will have around 3 seconds before the fight resumes. You can also assign additional keys to activate skill 8 and "button mash" all of them to regain energy extremely quickly.



Round One Warrior 17 Corsair Cutthroat Warrior 15 Speedy Grentch Ranger 15 Crimson Skull Longbow Paragon 16 Kournan Phalanx Dervish 16 Kournan Zealot
Round Two Warrior 20 Star Blade Warrior 20 Quetzal Stark Warrior 20 Norn Guard Warrior 20 Modniir Berserker  
Round Three Warrior 20 Kournan Guard Paragon 20 Kournan Phalanx Dervish 20 Kournan Zealot    
Round Four Warrior 20 Corsair Weapons Master Warrior 20 Jade Brotherhood Knight Paragon 20 Corsair Admiral    
Round Five Warrior 20 Kurzick Warrior Warrior 20 Luxon Warrior Assassin 20 Kurzick Assassin Assassin 20 Luxon Assassin  
Round Six Warrior 20 Hylek Amini Paragon 20 Agari Cuicani Paragon 20 Gokir Cuicani Paragon 20 Hylek Cuicana Paragon 20 Ophil Cuicani Paragon 24 Ophil Amini
Round Seven Warrior 20 Outcast Warrior Warrior 21 Corsair Weapons Master Dervish 22 Corsair Grappler Paragon 23 Corsair Admiral  
Round Eight Warrior 24 Stone Summit Carver Warrior 24 Dredge Guardian Assassin 24 Dredge Gutter[verification requested] Paragon 24 Grawl Demagogue Paragon 24 Skree Singer

Possible foes, unsorted[edit]

Mountain Yeti, Naga Warrior, Skree Raider, Luxon Guard, Kurzick Guard, Snowman


Initial dialogue[edit]

Kilroy Stonekin

Word got out that you defeated Bjorn Thunderfist, and now travelers from all over the world want to face you in the ring! Even livestock! I've got a full tournament lined up for you this time: eight different opponents in a row to try and defeat. Care to take on the world's best with your lightning fists?

Yes Accept: "I will break them."
No Decline: "My fingers hurt."
Ask Ask: "You will be removed from your party to fight alone. Are you ready to rumble?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Kilroy Stonekin

You won the tournament! You're the greatest... well, you're good. I'm the greatest.


  • Even though this is not specified during the tournament, you are permitted to use Thunderfist's Brass Knuckles instead of regular Brass Knuckles; this will increase your chances of winning.
  • Though the foes you face are random, research shows that there appears to be a list of foes which may occur each round (for example, the 6th round seems to be a Heket most of the time).
  • This quest seems to be a safe way to gain experience for the Survivor title seeing as when you die, you have 10 seconds to either map out or get back on your feet using STAND UP!. Your death counter will not increase unless the timer runs out and you don't have full energy after you get knocked down.