Distracting Blow

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Core skill. For the temporarily available Bonus Mission Pack skill, see Distracting Blow (Turai Ossa).

Distracting Blow

  • 5 Energy
  • 0.5½ Activation
  • 10 Recharge
Melee attack

Melee Attack. Swipe your weapon at the target, dealing no damage but disrupting the target's current action (and the actions of foes adjacent to your target).

Concise description

Melee Attack. Also attacks foes adjacent to your target. Interrupts an action. Hits for no damage.


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  • Distracting Blow only counts as a hit on the target, regardless of how many adjacent foes are interrupted. Consequently, you will only gain 1 adrenaline.
  • Skills which trigger on physical damage, such as Order of Pain or Barbs, have no effect when this skill is used, as no damage is dealt.
  • Unlike Cyclone Axe and contrary to the concise description, this skill does not cause Illusionary Weaponry or Sand Shards to trigger on adjacent foes. However, Hundred Blades and Vow of Strength will be triggered on all adjacent foes, as these skills do not require the attack to connect.