Ulfarr Leadfoot

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Ulfarr Leadfoot
Norn guard m.jpg
Affiliation Norn
Type Norn
Profession Warrior Warrior
Service Minigame
Level(s) 20
Campaign Eye of the North
Ulfar Leadfoot Map.jpg
Location in Verdant Cascades
and race routes

Ulfarr Leadfoot is a Norn NPC that challenges players to a race.




Pre race Dialogue:

Greetings, moa-legs! I suppose you're wonderin' what the likes of me is doing this far from me home, correct? Training, of course! The thick air in the lower lands is a welcome change of pace. It's almost intoxicating! What better way to run my rounds than swimming in the glorious vapors of the gods? No matter that I see two of you...sometimes three...I'll still cross that finish line faster than you can say "Large ladies love Ulfarr Leadfoot!" Ha! So, are you ready to race?
Yes Get ready to swallow my dust!
No These bunions are killing me.

Alternate dialogue, if party is spread out:

I'm the fastest Norn this side of the Shiverpeaks! Don't believe me? Gather 'round and hear me out. Get all your party members over here and I'll tell you all about the race. Or are you scared?

Upon losing race against Ulfarr Leadfoot:

Har! Nobody beats Ulfarr Leadfoot. NOBODY!

Upon winning race against Ulfarr Leadfoot:

Ack! By the owl's beak you beat me fair and square. Are you sure you're not half Norn?


"Come one! Come all! Come taste bitter defeat!"
"Your momma was a siege turtle!"
"I've seen jotuns sleepwalk faster than you!"
"Is that victory I smell, or a whiff of your cheesy feet?"
"Hehehe! Watch your step!"
"By the wolf!"
"Out of the way!"
"That's it...make it easy for Ulfarr!"
"What's the matter? Got rocks in your backpack?"
"Get moving!"
"Leadfoot awaaaaaaaaaay!"

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