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Asura elder m.jpg
Affiliation Asura
Type Asura
Service Polymock opponent
Quest giver
Level(s) 20
Campaign Eye of the North

Hoff is the champion in Polymock. He is the last opponent of the Polymock quest chain. Hoff will give your character three Polymock starter pieces so that you may begin playing.

As part of the Polymock quest chain, he randomly selects three of the following forms:

In tournament play, he selects from these forms:




Rata Sum, before defeating him:

"Polymock is the ultimate test of intellect and magical prowess among my people. Naturally, you humans have difficulty grasping the basics of the game. Poor creatures. Should you prove yourself worthy by defeating skilled opponents, perhaps I will allow you to play me in a game."

Rata Sum, after defeating him at least once:

"You somehow defeated me playing by commoner rules. I'll give you that. Now let us play by tournament rules. I cannot be defeated! You'll need 1 common piece, 1 uncommon piece, and 1 rare piece to play."
I wish to play you in a game of Polymock.
(before registering 1 piece of each type)
"You don't have at least 1 common, 1 uncommon, and 1 rare Polymock piece unlocked yet. You cannot play any opponents using tournament rules at this time."
(after registering 1 piece of each type)
"You will be removed from your party and taken to a Polymock arena to battle Hoff. Do you wish to proceed?"
Accept: "Yes."
Decline: "No."


During a Polymock match:

"Consider this your final exam. Did you study?"
"Did you learn nothing from your mistakes?"
"I am sorry, but there are no "do-overs" at this level of play."
"Now might be a good time to remember some of the lessons I taught you."
"Now we shall see if your puny brain can handle a real test."
"This will be all too easy!"
"Two pieces down. Statistically, your odds of winning now are...well, let's say, not good."
"Your lack of a strategic mind has brought you to this impasse."

When he loses a Polymock match:

"Well done. Do not think for one moment that you are now the master."

When he wins a Polymock match:

"Obviously you were nowhere near ready to duel me. Your failure is my.... No. It was your failure."