Polymock: Defeat Necromancer Volumandus

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Polymock: Defeat Necromancer Volumandus
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Hoff
in Rata Sum
(Tarnished Coast)
Preceded by Polymock: Defeat Fonk
Followed by Polymock: Defeat Master Hoff
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)
(Solo Quest)

Learn how to face unusual pieces by defeating the Human polymock player.

Quest information[edit]




Volumandus' pieces and their unique skills are as follows:

  1. Skeletal Mage: Polymock Overload Polymock Overload, Polymock Backfire Polymock Backfire, Polymock Diversion Polymock Diversion
  2. Smoke Wraith: Polymock Lightning Strike Polymock Lightning Strike, Polymock Mind Shock Polymock Mind Shock, Polymock Lightning Blast Polymock Lightning Blast
  3. Bone Dragon: Polymock Deathly Chill Polymock Deathly Chill, Polymock Rising Bile Polymock Rising Bile, Polymock Poisoned Ground Polymock Poisoned Ground


Initial dialogue[edit]

Be wary of your next opponent, [Character Name]. The black arts provide him insight and powers no creature should possess. His Polymock pieces are from a set crafted with dark magic long considered destroyed. Will you challenge Necromancer Volumandus to a game?
Yes Accept: "I'll beat this Necromancer and exploit his corpse!"
No Decline: "I don't want to become one of his minions."
Ask Ask: "Defeat Necromancer Volumandus at Tarnished Haven in a game of Polymock."

Reward dialogue[edit]

So you defeated the Necromancer and he didn't turn you into a bone minion? Two victories for the price of one, I say. Well done! Someday you'll have to tell me your strategy.