Polymock: Defeat Blarp

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Polymock: Defeat Blarp
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Hoff
in Rata Sum
(Tarnished Coast)
Preceded by Polymock: Defeat Plurgg
Followed by Polymock: Defeat Fonk
Type Secondary quest
(Solo Quest)

Defeat your third opponent in your quest to learn polymock.

Quest information[edit]




Blarp's pieces and their unique skills are as follows:

  1. Earth Elemental: Polymock Stone Daggers Polymock Stone Daggers, Polymock Obsidian Flame Polymock Obsidian Flame, Polymock Earthquake Polymock Earthquake
  2. Ice Elemental: Polymock Ice Spear Polymock Ice Spear, Polymock Frozen Armor Polymock Frozen Armor, Polymock Glyph Freeze Polymock Glyph Freeze
  3. Fire Elemental: Polymock Flare Polymock Flare, Polymock Fireball Polymock Fireball, Polymock Rodgort's Invocation Polymock Rodgort's Invocation

The following pieces are good counters:

An alternate piece lineup is:

Blarp can be quite difficult to defeat as he uses three Uncommon pieces (and you're likely to only have one, the Kappa). Be sure to Block/Drain the two most important skills of each piece. The latter is more powerful.

These are the skills to watch out for:

  • Earth Elemental: Earthquake (650 damage, 6 Energy, 1 Activation time, 20 Recharge time), Obsidian flame (800 damage, 6 Energy, 1 Activation time, 20 Recharge time)
  • Ice Elemental: Frozen Armor (+1000 Health for 30 seconds, 2 Energy, 2 Activation time, 20 Recharge time), Glyph Freeze (600 damage, 6 Energy, 1 Activation time, 20 Recharge time
  • Fire Elemental: Fireball (800 damage, 6Energy, 1Activation time, 20Recharge time), Rodgort's Invocation (200 damage, 10 degeneration for 15 seconds, 2Energy, 2Activation time, 20Recharge time)

Keep in mind that by strafing (walking from side to side) you can avoid getting hit by projectiles such as Polymock Stone Daggers, Ice Spear, Flare and Fireball.


Initial dialogue[edit]

You've learned the basics of Polymock, but you still need to practice the fine art of Polymock piece selection before you can challenge a true master. The intricacies of each choice are more challenging than that game you humans play. What do you call it? Ah, yes. Igneous, Papyrus, Shears. To test your selection prowess, I've lined up a match against Blarp. He has mastered the use of the elemental Polymock pieces. You'll need to overcome all three elements he employs to prove victorious.
Yes Accept: "Igneous is strong. I will crush him."
No Decline: "When can I choose you to play against?"
Ask Ask: "Defeat Blarp at Gadd's Encampment in a game of Polymock!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Even Blarp proved no match for you? I wish I could have seen the game. Move, counter-move. A game of Polymock is the epitome of cerebral excitement. Ah, well. Perhaps next time. I believe you are ready for some harder opponents. If you'd like to take on some Polymock professionals, let me know. I can line up a number of games for you with major players, Asuran and otherwise.