Give Peace a Chance

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Give Peace a Chance
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Bartholos
in Gadd's Encampment
(Tarnished Coast)
Preceded by Frogstomp
Type Secondary quest
Give Peace a Chance map.jpg
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Accompany Hayda while she meets with a White Mantle ambassador under the flag of truce.

Quest information[edit]




Hayda is just north of the portal you enter Sparkfly Swamp. Fight your way with Hayda to the location with the White Mantle, but do not approach Ambassador Kharnige yet. Kill any enemies on periphery of the White Mantle group to ensure that you don't have any nasty surprises while occupied with the Mantle.

Now approach the Ambassador, while Hayda is talking to him, position your group on the eastern edge. Once the Mantle turn hostile you can take out the Ambassador's group first and then deal with each group as it approaches. The foes this quest spawns should not pose too great a threat to a party of 8.

Note: If Hayda dies, she will resurrect automatically once there are no enemies in her vicinity, like all Eye of the North allies.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Bartholos: "Hayda was looking for you, [Player Name]. She went ahead into Sparkfly Swamp, and asked that you meet her there. It's rare to see her this motivated, so I can only say that it's something important. You'll need to speak with her to ascertain the details."
Yes Accept: "Sure, a brisk hike in the swamp sounds great."
No Decline: "No more adventures with the crazy swamp lady for me."
Ask Ask: "Hayda told me to tell you to meet her in Sparkfly Swamp."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When meeting Hayda[edit]
Hayda: "I've been looking all over for you! It's starting."
Hayda: "I've been speaking with an ambassador for the White Mantle...they're willing to discuss the option of peace with the Shining Blade, and a better resolution for the situation in Kryta. I dropped your name, and they wanted you to come along. They seem very interested in you!"
Hayda: "I finally have a chance at glory! Everyone will remember me if I am not only a great warrior, but a great arbiter of peace! Livia should be green with jealousy! We shouldn't tarry a moment longer."
Upon meeting Ambassador Kharnige[edit]
Ambassador Kharnige: "Ah, it's good to see you were able to attend, Hayda. And you, <Player Name>. We have gathered here to discuss an issue that is near and dear to the hearts of all present."
Hayda: "Yes, the talks of peace between our peoples. Let me just start by saying...
Ambassador Kharnige: "Oh no, allow me to start by stating that we are all incredulous that you were so easily lured into our trap."
Hayda: "Wait... trap? What does a trap have to do with peace?"
Ambassador Kharnige: "Absolutely nothing! You and your ilk have been a thorn in the White Mantle's side for far too long! Killing you and a great hero will be glorious!"
Hayda: "Unbelievable! You all screwed up my chance at fame and respect! Who's going to tell stories about me now? Nobody! You're going to die. Every last one of you!"
After defeating the White Mantle[edit]
Hayda: "Thank you. We struck a great blow to the White Mantle, but I hold no illusions that this was entirely my fault. My desire for glory overwhelmed my caution."
Hayda: "It would seem that I still have much to learn about the path of a great hero such as yourself. *sigh*"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Bartholos: "Hayda actually thought the White Mantle would not betray her? You can't be serious. That girl is an excellent fighter, but does not have the sense the gods gave geese. Worse, none of the other Shining Blade will trust her now. Look, she seems to listen to you. Can you take her on? I have no doubt that she will become a valuable asset under your charge."


  • When you first see her, she will be close to a group of Angorodons. There is a good chance you will fight them if you aren't careful. If you end up fighting them, a group of wandering Raptors will come upon you if you don't kill the prior group fast. Lure the Angorodons away before doing anything with her, and fight them there.
  • NPCs Giriff and Tekks are just north of the White Mantle groups, so you can recruit one of them as an ally before engaging the White Mantle.
Bug Bug.Sometimes Hayda will get stuck on the resurrection shrine and you will have to restart the quest.