Canthan Child

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Canthan Child
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Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 2 (20)
Campaign Factions



Shing Jea Island
"Life is simple here on Shing Jea Island."
"Rumor has it Naga can swallow a man whole!"
"They say Qi Falls have become haunted by some sort of spirit."
"I've heard the Naga have established a stronghold in Raiyan Cave."
"You look like a student from the Monastery."
"The Crimson Skull must pay for their crimes!"
"My family has lived on Shing Jea Island for generations."
"The Crimson Skull have been a lot more active lately."
"If you're thinking about making the trek to Port Kaimu think again, the Crimson Skull run things up there these days."
"One night each year we celebrate the cherry trees coming into bloom by dancing and feasting until dawn."
"Times like these make me wish the great heroes of Cantha like Kintah were still alive."
"They say kappa are especially fond of cucumbers."
"They say every spring the kappa return to Onghsang Island."
"Where you find kappa you'll find Naga. It's only natural."
"Who knows, maybe someday you will become headmaster of the monastery."
Kaineng City


Bug Bug.Canthan Children can be killed by the Crimson Skulls during the quest The Siege at Tsumei Village. However, The male versions do not have a death animation, and will simply stand idle until their corpse disappears.