The Convocation (cinematic)

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The Convocation
Plays during The Convocation
Region Jade Sea
Location Boreas Seabed
Campaign Factions

The Convocation 1 cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic - "The Convocation is today"

The Convocation 2 cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic - All of the clans


Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


Master Togo: "First we locate Elder Rhea. She is the key to finding and securing the Spear of Archemorus."
Master Togo: "Ah, there she is. Come. The spear is within our reach."
Master Togo: "Elder Rhea. Elder Rhea. It is I, Togo of Shing Jea Monastery."
Elder Rhea: "Master Togo, you are quite a sight. I wondered when you would emerge from your self-styled exile."
Elder Rhea: "How you manage to live within the confines of that stuffy monastery I'll never comprehend."
Master Togo: "Ah...well, I suppose my spirit does not crave the wide open spaces as strongly as yours."
Elder Rhea: "Well, it's good to see you. What brings you all the way out here?"
Master Togo: "We have come for the Spear of Archemorus."
Elder Rhea: "Togo, you know full well I cannot just give you the spear."
Master Togo: "Oh no?"
Elder Rhea: "No! Today Zhu Hanuku, the great kraken, returns from the deep."
Elder Rhea: "What do you study in that monastery of yours?"
Master Togo: "Apparently not enough Luxon culture."
Elder Rhea: "Apparently."
Elder Rhea: "Every year Zhu Hanuku returns. And on that day we hold the Convocation."
Elder Rhea: "The strongest among us fight for the right to be the one who defeats the great magical kraken, returning him to the waves."
Master Togo: "That is very nice but-"
Elder Rhea: "The Convocation is today. The spear goes to the winning clan."
Master Togo: "Rhea-"
Elder Rhea: "Togo, if you want the spear, you'll have to fight them for it."

Argo: "Another Convocation has come, and with it Zhu Hanuku, the mighty sea beast who has terrorized the Jade Sea for hundreds of years."
Argo: "I return the spear to the pedestal, the prize of today's contest."
Argo: "May the strongest clan take up its haft and once again slay the magical kraken."
Argo: "To all those we are about to defeat, I salute you."


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