Nahpui Quarter (cinematic)

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Nahpui Quarter
Plays during Nahpui Quarter
Region Kaineng Center
Location Nahpui Quarter
Campaign Factions

Nahpui Quarter 2 cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic — I see that I have underestimated you.

Nahpui Quarter 2 cinematic still2.jpg
Cinematic — You're going to fight for me.


Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


Suun: "I see that I have underestimated you."
<Party leader>: "I'll say."
Suun: "Forgive my harshness. There are those who take the power of the stars for granted."
<Party leader>: "The Celestial Ministry perhaps?"
Suun: "I see you have encountered them already."
<Party leader>: "Unfortunately."
Suun: "The Ministry are nothing more than an overfed bunch of paper pushers."
Suun: "Good for little other than playing parlor tricks at a Naga cub's birthday party."
Suun: "Well, you'll understand then when I don't welcome all of those who come looking to become Closer to the Stars."
Suun: "Now you will excuse me. I have much work to do."
<Party leader>: "But I-"
Suun: "Go talk to an Adept!"

Dead Man: "Are you an Envoy?"
Spirit Shiro: "Yes."
Dead Woman: "Are you here to take us to Eternal Paradise?"
Spirit Shiro: "You're not going to Paradise."
Dead Woman: "What are you going to do with us?"
Spirit Shiro: "I'm going to make you into my soldiers."
Spirit Shiro: "You're going to fight for me."
Dead Man: "We won't do it. You can't make us."
Spirit Shiro: "You will do whatever I tell you."
Spirit Shiro: "Kneel!"
Spirit Shiro: "Bow before your new master."

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