The Jade Quarry (Luxon cinematics)

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The Jade Quarry
Plays during The Jade Quarry
Region The Jade Sea
Location The Jade Quarry
Campaign Factions

The Jade Quarry cinematic still.jpg
"Your job is to claim the jade quarries."

A turtle takes a slab of jade to the crusher.

Cinematic 1[edit]

Major characters[edit]


Erek: "You look strong enough, but that's not really for me to say."
<Player name>: "If you think you're up to the task, then I'll oblige."
Erek: "But this sort of work isn't for the faint of heart."
<Player name>: "Oh, I'm up to the task. Don't you worry yourself about it."
Erek: "Then follow me."
Erek: "This area is hotly contested."
Erek: "There are daily battles here between us and the Kurzicks."
Erek: "We use this heavily fortified stronghold as a base for our jade collecting operations."
Erek: "There are two ways out."
Erek: "You can walk through the front door, or you can use these portals to quickly get to one of the mining sites."
Erek: "Your job is to claim the jade quarries."
Erek: "Once you've activated the mining equipment at a quarry, we'll send guards and a siege turtle to collect the jade."
Erek: "But be careful."
Erek: "The Kurzicks will attack the guards and try to shut down the operation so they can claim the quarry and mine the jade themselves."
Erek: "Try not to let that happen."
Erek: "There are guard posts all across the contested area."
Erek: "You can claim them the same way you claim the jade quarries."
Erek: "If you do, we'll send reinforcements from the stronghold to help stop the Kurzicks from gathering jade."
Erek: "If, Dwayna forbid, you get cut down in the line of duty, you will be resurrected here in the safe zone, inside the stronghold."
Erek: "Don't worry. Not even with a hundred of their juggernauts could the Kurzicks get in here."
Erek: "But even so, getting killed is something you should try to avoid."
<Player name>: "Thanks. I'll try to remember that."

Cinematic 2[edit]

Major characters[edit]


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