The Jade Sea

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The Jade Sea
The Jade Sea.jpg
Continent Cantha
Town Cavalon
Neighbor(s) Echovald Forest
Kaineng City
Campaign Factions
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Interactive Map of The Jade Sea
Non-interactive maps
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The Jade Sea signpost.
The Jade Sea is located on the southeastern side of the Canthan continent. It is the home of the Luxons, whose entire watery realm was frozen into solid jade when the Jade Wind swept across the region.

Towns and outposts[edit]

Mission outposts


Challenge Missions:

Competitive missions:

Elite missions:

Explorable areas[edit]



  • Coastline
  • Jade Sea
  • Luxon Theme


Factions regions
Shing Jea IslandKaineng CityEchovald ForestThe Jade Sea