The Convocation

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The Convocation
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Headmaster Amara
in Altrumm Ruins
(Echovald Forest)
Preceded by Arborstone
Followed by Boreas Seabed
Type Primary quest
The Convocation map.jpg
Path from Tanglewood Copse

Meet up with Master Togo and journey to the Jade Sea.

Quest information[edit]




Players must first meet with Master Togo and Brother Mhenlo. They can be found at the crossroads right outside of Maatu Keep in Pongmei Valley. After the conversation between the two, the group needs to head towards Boreas Seabed and gain admission from Seaguard Lykaios right outside the entrance to Boreas Seabed located in the southeast corner of the area. It is possible to avoid all combat running through this quest.


In Pongmei Valley




Initial dialogue[edit]

Headmaster Amara
Master Togo hoped my skills would prove helpful against the plague, but so far, I'm afraid I've been little help. This plague frustrates me at every turn, and my prayers to Dwayna seem to fall on deaf ears. I fear this affliction will soon reach my people, the Kurzicks, and I'll be unable to stop it.
Mhenlo has gone ahead to meet Master Togo. You should rendezvous with them as soon as possible.
Yes Accept: "I'll find them."
No Decline: "I'm sure they won't mind waiting a bit longer."
Ask Ask: "Rendezvous with Brother Mhenlo and Master Togo. It isn't polite to keep them waiting!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Master Togo

We have been looking for an old Luxon friend of mine named Rhea. The Luxons are like the wind...they prefer to drift from place to place, so it could very well be that Rhea is on the other side of the Jade Sea. Fortunately, they are hosting an event they call the Convocation, and most Luxons have returnd[sic] to their capital, Cavalon, to partake in the festivities. I would be surprised if Rhea was not there to oversee the competition.

Master Togo: "Well, Mhenlo, was Count Petrov surprised to see you again?"
Brother Mhenlo: "I imagine so. He was even more surprised when his daughter, Danika, told him she planned to help us. She's turned into quite a woman."
Master Togo: "Cynn is not within earshot is she?"
Master Togo: "For my part, I have not been able to obtain the Spear of Archemorus, however, I have contacted an old friend of mine, Rhea. Perhaps you remember her?"
Brother Mhenlo: "Elder Rhea? That is good news. If any of the Luxons can help us, she certainly can. Perhaps one of us should head back to Cantha to tell the emperor of our success, and the other continue on to Rhea?"
Master Togo: "Yet again, Mhenlo, our minds are in concert. I shall continue my work securing the spear. In the meantime, I would like you to visit the emperor and see that he is informed of our latest doings."
Brother Mhenlo: "Of course, Master. May Dwayna bless your mission..."
Seaguard Lykaios
Not many outsiders make it past these gates and into Boreas Seabed, but I see that Master Togo is with you. I wouldn't dream of denying him passage! Let me know when your party is ready.
Yes We wish to go.
When you are ready to travel, you may pass into the [sic] Boreas Seabed. The Convocation begins soon.
Yes I am ready.
Your entire party is about to be moved to the next area. Make sure all party members are ready first. Do you wish to continue?
Yes Yes (sent to The Convocation (cinematic))
No No.
No Not right now.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Elder Rhea

Don't tell Togo, but it saddens me that Mhenlo was not with you all. It would have been nice to see that dear boy. He's so charming, that one... Well, anyhow, good luck against the clan champions. Remember this: they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Learn what these are, and the Spear of Archemorus is yours.


  • Master Togo does not need to survive to complete this quest.
  • If you rezone after talking to Togo, he won't follow you. However, you can still complete the quest without him.
  • Togo will not appear if you have the primary quest The Count's Daughter in your Quest Log.
  • If you abandon this quest after unlocking Boreas Seabed outpost, and then reacquire it from Headmaster Amara, then Master Togo can be available to your party as an ally for vanquishing Pongmei Valley whenever you wish.