Master Architect Gunther

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Master Architect Gunther
Kurzick noble m young.jpg
Affiliation Kurzicks
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Service Mission briefing
Level(s) 24
Campaign Factions

Master Architect Gunther is the Kurzicks' best architect; he is currently working on making a new weapon called Gods' Vengeance which will greatly help the Kurzicks in their war against the Luxons.




Quests involved in:


15 Tactics 15 Strength


Fort Aspenwood (Kurzick)[edit]

"Hello, young Kurzick. You are curious about the weapon under construction here? It is called the Gods' Vengeance and combines the elements of all five Kurzick Houses to protect the amber deposits nearby.
Do you need something before I return to my work?"
Remind me of the current situation.
"The envoys informed you of the blow inflicted upon Shiro, yet he still lives. The losses of the Urn of Saint Viktor and the Spear of Archemorus were detrimental to our cause, since no one knew if Shiro could be defeated without them."
How goes the war effort?
"We are aware of Shiro's defeat and are again focused on our war with the Luxons. Those barbarians are putting great pressure on this sacred land, and we must do everything we can to stop them. Prove your loyalty to our people by gaining more faction and joining the war effort."
How can I ensure victory for the Kurzicks?
"1. You must gain control of the mines to extract amber from them.
2. To capture a mine or a strategic point, you must first remove all enemy NPCs from that location.
3. Gates are breached when all of your guarding NPCs are eliminated.
4. Cart amber back to your gatekeepers to repair the breached gates.
5. The Luxon commanders direct the fire of the siege turtles. Kill them to stop the turtles from respawning as long as you control that point.
6. Remember that you are on the defensive. Use protective Spirits to impede enemy advancement. Set traps around doors to slow down advancing forces.
7. The turtles are mobile siege weapons; destroy them quickly. Degeneration, Hexes, high-powered attacks, and life-stealing spells are effective against them.
8. It is more advantageous to eliminate Luxon NPCs, though you may resort to assaulting human players as well.
9. Area-of-effect skills, Hexes, and degeneration attacks are vital weapons."
Replay the mission cinematic.

Fort Aspenwood[edit]

Speaking to him the first time without Amber Chunks:

"You are curious about this project I am working on? I call this little creation Gods' Vengeance, for when it is finished, it will rain down destruction upon our enemies. It is almost complete now, but I require some amber to help power it up. If you can collect some amber, I am sure it will help me complete my weapon faster."

Speaking to him subsequent times without Amber Chunks:

"When my weapon is complete, we will use it to destroy our heathen enemies once and for all. But I cannot do it without your help. Bring me more amber!"

Giving him Amber Chunks:

"I thank you for the amber, but we need even more of this precious resource to complete my weapon. Go now. You must hurry!"
"Excellent! You have brought me amber! This is good, but my weapon requires even more of it. You will get me more amber, yah?"


Battle quotes[edit]

"Duty calls."
"Fight now. Talk later."
"Spill the blood of our foes!"
"Not now!"
"Fight, damn it!"
"Now is not the time for idle chatter."
"If you haven't noticed, I'm busy at the moment."
"Stop wagging your tongue and start whooping some butt!"
"The time for jabbering over a pint will come later."
"Let's give'em a whooping!"
"Your words fall on deaf ears. For now I fight."
"Tell me later. For now I have enemies to slaughter."
"We will reminisce after this battle is won."
"Help. A little help here."
"To arms! To arms!"
"Bring your woes some other time, friend."