Spear of Archemorus

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Spear of Archemorus
Spear of Archemorus.jpg
Skill when held Spear of Archemorus (skill).jpg Spear of Archemorus
Single-use Yes
Campaign Factions

After the Luxon hero Archemorus was killed by the Jade Wind, the Spear of Archemorus was made from his bones. It is part of the annual Convocation ritual, in which the Luxon clans fight for the right to wield the spear against Zhu Hanuku. When held, the spear provides the Spear of Archemorus effect which gets charged by the death of nearby beings in order to deal damage in a large area of effect when dropped.



  • Although technically fragile, a new version of the spear is instantly re-spawned upon dropping it, so you can't lose it in a mission.
  • If enough creatures die when fighting the Luxons at the beginning of Boreas Seabed, the Spear of Archemorus will use Archemorus' Strike to knock down and deal 300 damage to your party and allies. To avoid this, do not fight near the Spear of Archemorus.

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