Kaijun Don

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Kaijun Don
Celestial Kirin.jpg
Affiliation Kaineng City wildlife
Type Celestial (boss)
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 22 (29)
Campaign Factions
Kaijun Don map.jpg
Location in Nahpui Quarter

The Kirin, the embodiment of corruption.

Kaijun Don was a healer of breathtaking beauty who showed compassion to any who sought her aid, including those who could not pay her. Unfortunately, Kaijun Don caught the eye of a cruel gang leader. When she refused his offer of courtship, his men attacked her, scarring her lovely face past all recognition. When Kaijun's scars proved immune to even her own strong magic, she became enraged and swore revenge upon her attackers. Over the years, her quest for vengeance became an obsession that blackened her soul, until at last she made a pact with a demon who promised powerful magics in return for completing the horrific ritual that would make him flesh. Kaijun did not hesitate, and the killings she performed that day left her forever corrupted.

Nahpui Quarter signpost

Kaijun Don is one of the Celestial bosses that appear during the Nahpui Quarter mission.



(20 Smiting Prayers in Hard mode)

Items dropped[edit]


  • In the cinematic after talking to Loud Kou, the name is written as "Kai Jun Don".
  • While in the mission and facing Adept Nai, the portal on the far left (eastern most) leads to this boss.