Mantle Knight Franklin

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Mantle Knight Franklin
White Mantle warrior m.jpg
Affiliation White Mantle
Type Human
Service Mission briefing
Level(s) 15
Campaign Prophecies

Mantle Knight Franklin prepares the player for the upcoming mission.



In Divinity Coast (outpost):

"I serve the White Mantle. May the Unseen Ones guide your hand.
What brings you to Divinity Coast?"

I am here on official White Mantle business.

"Welcome to the fold, my friend. Word of your knighting has spread far and wide.
As the newest member of the White Mantle, it is only fitting that you be given the honor of administering the Test of the Chosen."

The test of the Chosen?

"Every year, at the turn of each season, the Mantle take the Divine Eye of Janthir to all the villages in Kryta to test the locals for magical aptitude."

What's the Divine Eye of Janthir?

"Years ago, the founder of the White Mantle, Saul D'Alessio, traveled south to the island of Janthir. It is said that those who come from this island are gifted with True Sight, the ability to see a person for who he really is.
When Saul returned to Kryta, he brought with him the Divine Eye, an artifact that possesses this True Sight in a limited capacity. The Eye can identify those individuals who have within themselves the potential to become powerful magic users. Those identified by the Eye as having talent are taken to the Temple of the Unseen to study under the Grand Masters, so they may realize their full potential."

Why is administering the test an honor?

"The Divine Eye has an intelligence of its own. It won't follow just anybody. Only those who have proven themselves worthy are asked to partake in this ceremony. In the past five years, all of the knights who have been promoted to the rank of zealot or justiciar had at one time administered the test.
If you become a justiciar, you will be granted access to the Grand Temple. I'm told the great libraries alone are worth it. Just think of all the things you could learn. But you'd also get to take your pick of the artifacts in the White Mantle armory. And of course, you'd be able to meet the Grand Masters."

What must I do?

"Today is the Summer Solstice. The sun has reached its apex, and Justiciar Hablion has gone to Shaemoor to prepare for the tests. Catch up with him there and he will help you acquire the Divine Eye."

I'm off to Shaemoor then.

"Congratulations. I'm sure you will go far in the White Mantle. Who knows. Maybe someday you too will be a justiciar."
Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of War in Kryta.

In Lion's Arch (War in Kryta):

"I was a loyal member of the White Mantle for a long time, but the atrocities I saw committed are too much to bear. I intend to pledge my sword to the Seraph, and help bring goodness back to the land."