Eye of Janthir

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Eye of Janthir
Eye of Janthir.jpg
Affiliation White Mantle
Type Not specified
Level(s) Not specified
Campaign Prophecies

The Eye of Janthir is an entity that appears during Divinity Coast, a mission that requires the player(s) to lead the Eye to the town of Loamhurst. The Eye of Janthir is shaped like a green pyramid with an eye inside and floats above the ground. Before it will follow the party, player characters must first be cleansed in the Fountain of Truth. During the mission the Eye will identify Chosen — those directly related to the Flameseeker Prophecies — using its Janthir's Gaze, which knocks down all nearby foes and allies that are not Chosen (except for the player's party and allies).


Non-Chosen are knocked down.




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