Farmer Fanella

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Farmer Fanella
Farmer Fanella
Affiliation Krytans
Type Human
Level(s) 2 (20)
Campaign Prophecies
Farmer Fanella map.jpg
Location in Watchtower Coast

Farmer Fanella is located in the southeast corner of Watchtower Coast.



Watchtower Coast
"Well met, traveler. We don't get too many visitors out here, but you showed up just in time for the freshest produce in Kryta!"
During the Peacekeeper encounter,
Peacekeeper Enforcer: "According to my records, you've been observed consorting with the enemies of Kryta. Unless you can prove your innocence, you're going to need to come with us."
Farmer Fanella: "What!? That's impossible! Who reported this to you?"
Peacekeeper Enforcer: "That's uhh... confidential information."
Farmer Fanella: "Was it Tenlach? Elder Hezron? I thought they were my friends..."
Peacekeeper Goon: "Maybe the Unseen Ones have been watching you."
Peacekeeper Enforcer: "Yeah... that must have been it!"
Peacekeeper Enforcer: "Look, you seem like a devoted, hard-working citizen. I would hate to have to feed your soul to our glorious gods."
Peacekeeper Enforcer: "How 'bout you just hand over the profits from your last crop to us and we'll say that your ample donation to the White Mantle proves your innocence?"
Farmer Fanella: "Wait... the Unseen Ones are here? Watching...? Fine, take it! Take it all! Just keep them away from me! I've heard what they do to people!"
Peacekeeper Enforcer: "Ah, such a generous display of faith! You have a nice day now, and may the Unseen Ones watch over you."
Peacekeeper Goon: "Oh, they're watching alright... and don't you forget it! We'll be back in time for your next crop" [sic]
Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)
"They say the White Mantle are gone, but how do I know the Unseen Ones aren't still watching me?"


After the Peacekeeper encounter

"Be quiet! They might be listening..."