Peacekeeper camp

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Peacekeeper camp
Storyline Beyond
Region Kryta
Type Landmark
Cerris map.jpg
Location of camp in Nebo Terrace.

The Peacekeeper camp is a large area within Nebo Terrace's southwestern corner that is full of Peacekeepers.



Humans (Peacekeepers)


Humans (Peacekeepers)



  • This landmark is a part of the War in Kryta content.
  • The peacekeepers in the camp have a variety of scripted actions:
    • A group of Peacekeeper Enforcers body block the entrance, with two Peacekeeper Goons behind them.
    • A group of Peacekeepers will rush to the entrance after killing the Goons.
    • A Grim Peacekeeper is dancing, surrounded by other peacekeepers performing /clap, /cheer, and /excited emotes.
    • A Peacekeeper Enforcer accompanied by a group of Peacekeeper Goons patrol the area.
    • A Peacekeeper Clairvoyant can be seen sitting.
    • Groups of two to four peacekeepers can be seen talking to either other (without text boxes) throughout the area.
Anomaly Anomaly.The sitting Peacekeeper Clairvoyant will not react to players and remain sitting until death.

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