The Big Bang

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The Big Bang
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Canthan New Year
Given by Coordinator Tahyaa
in Shing Jea Monastery
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by Fire in the Sky
Type Festival quest

Chase the Nians away from Kaitan Village using fireworks.

Quest information[edit]



  • Obtain fireworks from Nubah Lao so you can defend Kaitan Village in Panjiang Peninsula!
  • Stock up on fireworks to ensure you have enough to defend Kaitan Village. You have [0...5] of 5 fireworks.
  • Destroy the nian before they can doom Kaitan Village to a year of bad luck! Set off a firework near a group of nian to scare them away.
  • See Coordinator Tahyaa for your reward.



When you start this quest you will be directed to speak with Nubah Lao in Sunqua Vale to obtain additional fireworks. (You need only interact with him once to update the quest if you already have 5 fireworks in your inventory.) Bottle Rockets, Champagne Poppers, and Sparklers are the only fireworks that count towards the required 5 fireworks objective.

Once you have 5 fireworks, go to Tsumei Village, enter Panjiang Peninsula, and head straight towards Kai Ying (the Elementalist instructor). Ignore the mission marker, or you might fail the quest. A yellow ping on your map will reveal the location of the first Nian. Head him off to the east of Kai Ying, and use a firework when in its danger zone. (The danger zone appears as a large glowing ring on the ground surrounding the Nian as they run.)

Next, head north east, up the hill to the left of Herder Tsiyingju, and use a firework to destroy the two Nian who are coming.

Head back west towards Kai Ying and down the path to the last two Nian. Use a firework to destroy them and complete the quest.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Coordinator Tahyaa

"Have you heard, <character name>? Nian are swarming through Kaitan Village in Panjiang Peninsula! We have to chase them away or the village will have nothing but bad luck all year. We cannot send any of our fireworks, lest we risk getting overrun here as well. We need your help!
Go talk to Nubah Lao to see if he has any fireworks he can spare. The noise from the fireworks is the only way to defeat the nian, as they are immune to weapons and magic. Oh dear...I cannot bear to imagine what will befall Kaitan if we do not stop this nian invasion!"
Yes Accept: "Saving helpless innocents? That is what I do best!"
No Decline: "Perhaps this is a sign from the gods that Kaitan deserves a year of bad luck."
Ask Ask: "What are you waiting for? Go get those fireworks from Nubah Lao so you can chase the nian away from Kaitan Village."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Nubah Lao

"Kaitan Village is being attacked by the nian, you say? Hmm...I do not have near enough fireworks to keep both it and the monastery safe! You'll need to bring me more supplies. Luckily, the noise from each firework will scare away nian in a pretty large area. If you are careful and concentrate your attacks on the larger nian groups, you should only need a few fireworks to protect the village. I think five should be plenty. Now, go get those supplies so we can keep the village from suffering a year of bad luck!"

In Panjiang Peninsula:

Child: "Oh no! Here they come from the south!"
Child: "Look out! More nian northeast of the village!"
Child: "Help! The nian are still coming! Now, they are west of the village!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Coordinator Tahyaa

"You did it! You kept the nian away from Kaitan Village! The villagers sent me a very nice letter of appreciation for all that we...and especially you...did for them this day."


  • If timed correctly, each of the two pairs of Nian can be scared off with one firework, so this quest can be completed using only three of the five fireworks.
  • Although this quest can be completed by a single player without the use of speed boosts, consider bringing one to eliminate any possibility of failure.