Breaking the Broken

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Breaking the Broken
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Keeper Jinyssa
in Gate of Torment
(Realm of Torment)
Preceded by Uncharted Territory
Followed by The Troubled Keeper
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)
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The forces of Abaddon are assaulting the Forgotten forces.

Quest information[edit]




Go into Nightfallen Jahai from the Gate of Torment and wait for the demons to come. They will come in 4 waves. The third wave consists of multiple Arm of Insanity demons plus a boss generically labelled as a Blade of Corruption (you can recognize the boss profession by the color). The final wave contains several Rain of Terror plus another generic boss labelled as a Shadow of Fear. In each wave, it is imperative to bring down the spellcasters first, since they can cause the most trouble.

If you can use a tank as a barrier, keeping the enemies at a distance, this quest becomes a lot easier versus having your whole party take the aggro. Also, the monoliths to your right as you enter the area will inevitably be aggroed at some point, so you may as well pull them over early, either before the waves start or at least during the early, easier waves. For this quest, your Lightbringer skills and title will be invaluable.




Demons (Torment creatures)


Demons (Torment creatures)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Keeper Jinyssa
"I wonder, fleshy one, what your purpose is here... But, now is not the time for trivial contemplation."
"Our scouts...those that managed to make it back...have told us that Abaddon's forces are on the move. Waves of his troops march on our location as we speak. If we are to mount a counter-offensive, then we must not falter here! Will you lend us your aid?"
Yes Accept: "Abaddon's minions march to their defeat!"
No Decline: "Abaddon's minions? I'm marching outta here."
Ask Ask: "Death marches toward us, friend. Abaddon's legions will not turn back. Hold fast, friend!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Keeper Jinyssa
"You have bought us a moment of reprieve. There is no time to rejoice, however. We must prepare for the battles that yet lie ahead."


  • During the quest The Oddbodies, you will have 6 extra allies who can make the difference against the 3 waves of demons without dying (you would however have to start from the Gate of the Nightfallen Lands to recruit them first). Just try to take down each wave as quickly as possible.


  • "Breaking the Broken" is a song by Sparta.