They Only Come Out at Night

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They Only Come Out at Night
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Keshsek
in Gate of Torment
(Realm of Torment)
Followed by Invasion From Within
Type Secondary quest
They Only Come Out at Night map.jpg
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Investigate the new evil presence that Keshsek felt in Nightfallen Jahai.

Quest information[edit]




Follow the quest pointer on a trip around Nightfallen Jahai, starting from the center and then turning in counter-clockwise direction. There is a total of 6 checkpoints that your party has to visit to complete the quest. At each checkpoint except the last, there is a group of 4 Torment creatures that your party must defeat to proceed to the next checkpoint. At the final checkpoint, it will initially be two NPCs having a conversation, before a quest trigger turns them hostile. Defeat the two bosses to complete this quest.

The torment creatures at the five checkpoints are as follows:

  1. Two Blades of Corruption, a Word of Madness, and a Spear of Torment.
  2. Two Arms of Insanity, a Shadow of Fear, and a Herald of Nightmares.
  3. An Arm of Insanity, a Rain of Terror, and two Scythes of Chaos.
  4. A Blade of Corruption, a Herald of Nightmares, and two Rain of Terror.
  5. Two Blades of Corruption, a Word of Madness, and a Scythe of Chaos.

When dispatching each group, watch out for nearby patrols. Remember to spike down each foe (as opposed to spreading out the damage) before moving on to the next, as their Call to the Torment triggers upon low health.

The two bosses at the end are not in the same group and can be pulled separately to make it easier. Be aware that there is a group of Torment creature patrol to the east of the two bosses. Either pull the bosses away from their initial position, or quickly pull that patrol group while the bosses are still talking.



Demons (Torment creatures)


Demons (Margonites)

Demons (Torment creatures)


Initial dialogue[edit]

"A new face then, is it? Many things are changing these see a body of flesh and blood walk these lands is certainly a surprise. Something new stalks these lands. I know not what they are, but I know that they have caused me to fear. They must be destroyed. Will you seek them out?"
Yes Accept: "If there's a new threat, I will deal with it."
No Decline: "I think you're imagining things."
Ask Ask: "While I am grateful for the company of another, don't you have a more pressing task to attend to? Find those...things... in Nightfallen Jahai and destroy them."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When approaching the final spot
Abaddon's Adjutant: "The armies of our Lord gather to cleave these lands asunder. Can we count on the assistance of your master?"
Emissary of Dhuum: "Dhuum has offered his aid to Abaddon's cause. Do not take his word lightly. You will have the forces that you require."
Abaddon's Adjutant: "It seems we have some unexpected visitors. Come. Let us provide a proper welcome!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Dhuum, you say? Now there's a name I've not heard in a long time. The stories say he was the God of Death before Grenth broke his throne. If he is involved, this news is dire. Regardless, you have done well."


  • Leaving the area without killing the two bosses will reset this quest.
  • It is recommended to also complete the quest Good Demon Hunting, since it takes place near the 2nd checkpoint.
  • Saving the Oddbodies first will gain your party additional allies.