Onyx Gate

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The Onyx Gate
Onyx Gate.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Ring of Fire Islands
Type Landmark
Onyx Gate map.jpg

The Onyx Gate is the main gate that prevents anyone from accessing the Door of Komalie. In Abaddon's Mouth mission, it is the second gate in the Mursaat stronghold that the players encounter. It is protected by two Ether Seals (one on each side) and two Mursaat bosses as well as 4 different groups and patrols. To open the gate, players must destroy the two seals.

After breaking through the gate, Vizier Khilbron appears to boost the players with the powerful Chimera of Intensity.

Getting there[edit]

In Abaddon's Mouth, a short trip to the southwest from the mission start point.

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