Captain Grumby

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Captain Grumby
Xunlai agent m.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Human
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Prophecies
Final Blow map.jpg
Location in Perdition Rock

Captain Grumby is the captain of a ship that can the ferry the party from Perdition Rock to the Ring of Fire. He can be found by a pier at the western most tip of the island. He is ordered by the White Mantle not to ferry anyone across to the Ring of Fire. The only way to get him to change his mind is to kill the leadership of the Mantle on the island as part of the quest Final Blow.



Quests involved in:


Before killing the three Inner Council Members during Final Blow:

"WHOAH! I'm Scared!" [sic]

After killing the three Inner Council Members during Final Blow:

"Ahoy, there! I am Captain Grumby. Not that I am proud of it, but the Mantle pay the coin to keep my mouth shut and my boat docked unless they say otherwise.
What can I help you with?"
Ask Take me to the Ring of Fire Island Chain. (Only after completing the "Talk to Captain Grumby" objective during Final Blow or after accepting the quest reward for Final Blow.)
"I couldn't! They would burn my home and stuff my spirit in one of those evil statues!"
Ask Help us and we will make sure you aren't harmed.
"Well you did just kill all three of the inner council without so much as breaking a sweat. You've changed my mind! I'll serve the White Mantle no longer! Let me know when you want to go."
Ask I am ready. (Sent to Ring of Fire.)
Unknown Just a moment.
Unknown I'll be on my way.


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