Final Blow

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Final Blow
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Shadow
in Ember Light Camp
(Ring of Fire Islands)
Preceded by Thunderhead Keep
Followed by Ring of Fire
Type Primary quest
Final Blow map.jpg
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Assassinate the three members of the White Mantle inner council.

Quest information[edit]



Environmental changes[edit]

  • After accepting this quest's reward, the Inner Council Members (Argyle, Bolivar, and Cuthbert) and White Mantle will no longer spawn in Perdition Rock.


Exit Ember Light Camp and proceed carefully around the island to the western coast of Perdition Rock. There are two choices here: heading directly west through large groups of enemies, or fighting one's way to the east and taking on smaller groups, then doubling back around to the center and heading west from there.

Either method involves fighting large numbers of Flesh Golems, Phantoms, Mahgo Hydras, and numerous bosses that spawn along the way. Enchantment removal and hexes are rampant in the entire area, as is hard-hitting area of effect damage, so the group should come prepared.

Directly to the north of the Ember Light Camp exit is a crossroads in the center of Perdition Rock. To the west of this crossroads is an Ether Seal. After clearing out the area to the east, before any melee attack, a Ranger with a longbow or flatbow can do significant damage to the seal, standing on the promontory to the east out of the energy-robbing well. Mursaat and White Mantle are present here, but not in large numbers.

Fighting onward to the west, either going to the north through a group of Breeze Keepers or to the south through a large group of Phantoms -- and a Wurm that appears at the most inopportune moment, eventually the group will arrive at the docks, which are guarded by two pull-able groups of White Mantle. The three members of the inner council, a Warrior and two Mesmers, are atop a shrine and will engage only when a party member's aggro bubble touches them, so the group can safely clear the area before running up the steps to take on the bosses. None of the three council member bosses have any elite skills, so Signets of Capture are not helpful unless used on the way to the final shrine.

After the fight, speak to Captain Grumby who will send the party directly to the Ring of Fire.


Initial dialogue[edit]

"Since Confessor Dorian's death, the White Mantle is like a snake without its head. It still writhes and strangles the peoples [sic] of Tyria, but it has no eyes with which to see, no teeth with which to bite. Unfortunately, they still have their so-called "Unseen" masters to assist them.
Members of the White Mantle's inner council are meeting with the secret, or so they think. We need to get in there and take out all three members of the inner council. Think you can handle it?"
Yes Accept: "I was born for this."
No Decline: "I don't think so."
Ask Ask: "Kill all three members of the White Mantle inner council."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Captain Grumby
"Ahoy, there! I am Captain Grumby. Not that I am proud of it, but the Mantle [sic] pay the coin to keep my mouth shut and my boat docked unless they say otherwise.
What can I help you with?"
Ask Final Blow
"I'm impressed! You destroyed the inner council like you were swatting a fly! Your bravery inspires me. I'll accept no more of the Mantle's [sic] coin."
Ask Take me to the Ring of Fire Island Chain.
"I couldn't! They would burn my home and stuff my spirit in one of those evil statues!"
Ask Help us and we will make sure you aren't harmed.
"Well you did just kill all three of the inner council without so much as breaking a sweat. You've changed my mind! I'll serve the White Mantle no longer! Let me know when you want to go."
Ask I am ready. (Sent to Ring of Fire.)
Unknown Just a moment.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Fogard Axemighty
"Bravo! The White Mantle won't soon recover from a blow like that. Excellent work!"


  • If you have killed the council but keep the quest in your Quest Log without accepting the reward, then the council and the White Mantle will still spawn when you revisit Perdition Rock but you don't need to kill them again in order to have Captain Grumby send you to the Ring of Fire.