Historical Monument of King's Watch

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Historical Monument of King's Watch
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Type Monument
Campaign Prophecies
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Statue commemorating the crowning of the first king of Ascalon.



Founded: Season of the Phoenix, 1 A.E.

To endure is greater than to dare;

To keep heart when all have lost it;

To forego even one's own life when the end is gained;

Who can say this is not greatness?

On this site, more than one hundred years prior, the first king of the new Republic of Ascalon was crowned. It was dedicated, on this, the ninety-fifth day of the year, in the Season of the Phoenix, in honor of the passing of the greatest of all kings. This stone stands in memory to the first of all sons of Ascalon, King Doric. For it is through his sacrifice that we now live on. May his blood have been spilled for the good of all.


  • A visit to this monument is one of the steps required to complete the Cities of Ascalon quest.
Anomaly Anomaly.Despite the existence of pre-Searing signposts referring to King's Watch, and despite being self-described as "Founded: Season of the Phoenix, 1 A.E", the Historical Monument of King's Watch is not to be found in pre-Searing Ascalon.